Lily Allen Just Got Seriously Real About The Way Her “Daddy Issues” Have Impacted Romantic Relationships

Lily, who is married to Stranger Things star David Harbour, has always been incredibly open about her complicated relationship with her father.

Lily Allen has always been incredibly open about her strained relationship with her father, Keith Allen, who is a British actor.

Lily Allen with her dad, Keith Allen at an event

And she was even more candid in her 2018 memoir My Thoughts Exactly, where she called her dad a “self-saboteur” and a "narcissist." She also claimed that he’d had a cocaine-related heart attack at Glastonbury Festival in 1998 when she was 14 years old.

Lily Allen with her arm around her dad, Keith Allen

Lily later revealed that her dad was left "quite cross" about what she'd written, and messaged her after the book's release to say that the heart attack had actually been brought on by "acute food poisoning."

A closeup of Lily Allen smiling

After that, Lily revealed that she and her dad “haven’t connected for a while” in a 2021 interview with the Telegraph. During an appearance on The Recovery podcast that same year, Lily got seriously candid about her relationship with both of her parents.

Lily Allen

Thinking back to the start of her singing career, Lily also recalled: “All I wanted was affirmation and praise, and I didn’t even get it then. I got it from strangers but not the people I wanted it from. In fact I was met by a bit of resentment from those people."

Lily Allen performing on stage with a microphone. She wears a sleeveless top and has a headband

The following year, Lily responded to New York magazine’s viral cover story about nepo babies by acknowledging her own nepotism while also reiterating the downside of having famous parents.

Lily Allen with her mom, Alison Owen on the red carpet

And in the latest episode of Lily’s podcast with her best friend Miquita Oliver, Miss Me?, Lily candidly looked back at how her relationship with her father influenced her romantic relationships as an adult as she laughed about having “daddy issues.”

Lily Allen with Miquita Oliver

“But you didn’t know your dad,” Lily interjected. “So you were, sort of like, filling in the gaps. I know who my dad was, and my dad was sort of there but not there.”

Lily Allen

Lily married builder and decorator Sam Cooper in 2011, and they welcomed two daughters, 13-year-old Ethel and 11-year-old Marnie, before splitting in 2016.

Lily Allen and Sam Cooper walk together, Allen in a black evening dress and Cooper in a suit

Lily’s divorce was finalized in 2019, and that same year, she started dating Stranger Things star David Harbour after they met on celebrity dating app Raya.

Lily Allen with David Harbour

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