After Taylor Swift Was Branded A “Mean Girl” For “Dragging” Lana Del Rey Onstage When She Won Album Of The Year, Lana Has Subtly Come To Her Defense

Taylor was branded a “mean girl” for pulling Lana up onstage with her as she accepted the award that Lana had just lost.

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift won the Album of the Year Grammy for her 2022 release Midnights, making history as the first artist to win this accolade four times.

Close-up of Taylor onstage holding a Grammy and wearing opera gloves and a strapless outfit

When her name was announced, Taylor could not hide her excitement, and as she made her way up onto the stage, she pulled her friend Lana Del Rey up with her.

Close-up of Taylor in the audience reaching for Lana

Lana had been sitting next to Taylor throughout the night and also collaborated with Taylor for one of the songs on Midnights, “Snow on the Beach.”

Close-up of Taylor and Lana sitting together

However, it was evident that Lana was reluctant to join Taylor onstage for her big win, and once up there, she stood awkwardly to the side as Taylor gushed about her in her acceptance speech.

Close-up of Taylor onstage with Lana and others

“I think so many female artists would not be where they are and would not have the inspiration they have if it weren't for the work that [Lana has] done,” Taylor said. “I think she's a legacy artist, a legend in her prime right now. I'm so lucky to know you and to be your friend."

Close-up of Taylor onstage holding a Grammy with Lana and others behind her

But many admitted to finding the entire thing “uncomfortable” to watch as they pointed out that Lana’s album Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd had also been nominated for Album of the Year, and lost to Taylor.

Close-up of Lana at the Grammys

Furthermore, while Taylor was celebrating her 14th career Grammy Award, Lana hasn’t won once — and some claimed that Taylor’s actions felt patronizing amid Lana’s losses.

Close-up of Taylor at the Grammys

One person tweeted at the time, “taylor swift is disgusting for forcing lana on stage and rubbing that grammy in her face knowing she was also nominated my heart aches and i can’t believe she ever considered this woman a friend.”

CBS / Via Twitter: @loveheqrts

Another agreed: “i'm sorry but taylor is so evil for not only dragging lana on stage with her but also making this pitiful speech about lana when she's the one holding a grammy in her hand… y'all don't see how much of a mean girl moment this is?”

CBS / Via Twitter: @ok__matt

“taylor swift dragging lana del rey to the stage after lana lost the award for album of the year to her was so uncomfortable to watch sorry,” one more said.

CBS / Via Twitter: @BumpDrunk

Others speculated how Lana would have felt in the moment, with one person claiming, “I’m sure Taylor had good intentions and I love that she showed appreciation for Lana, but let’s be real- I can’t even imagine how horrible Lana must’ve felt being on that stage after losing that exact award.”

Twitter: @paola_vallado

“i know taylor didn’t mean anything bad towards lana but you could tell lana felt embarrassed to be up there. most snubbed artist of the night,” somebody else added.

Twitter: @qacifyher

But Lana has now come to Taylor’s defense as she clarified the situation, saying that she didn’t feel even an “ounce” of “negative emotion” at any point during the ceremony.

Lana and Taylor smiling and sitting with others at the Grammys

Commenting on a fan’s post from the night on Instagram, Lana wrote, “I literally just loved being there. I love to see everyone, get the tea and hang out. Get dressed up.”

Close-up of Taylor and Lana sitting together behind an open fan

“I literally did not feel 1 ounce of negative emotion at any point in that award ceremony,” she pointedly added. “It was pure funniness and laughter."

Screenshot of the comment

And Swifties were grateful to Lana for clearing up the drama, with many pointing out the dangers of people making broad statements about celebrities based on their facial expressions in unnatural situations.

Close-up of Taylor onstage holding a Grammy, with Lana and others behind her

One wrote on a Reddit forum, “I always assumed that was just Lana’s face tbh, she always has that sad uncomfortable look (she’s beautiful don’t get me wrong!) but I just find she always looks like she’s about to cry.”

Screenshot of the comment

“from a person who’s got resting sad face, i feel this,” another agreed. Somebody else said, “i don't understand why people refuse to acknowledge introversion. like it's always some kind of drama and secret hatred as if lana or anyone else can't just be a bit awkward with attention.”

Screenshot of the second comment

While another user was more focused on another part of Lana’s comment, writing, “Lana what tea did you get 👀👀👀”

Screenshot of the comment

Meanwhile, the situation with Lana wasn’t the only moment from Taylor’s Album of the Year win that sparked scrutiny: Taylor was also criticized for not acknowledging music icon Céline Dion as she took the award from her without even making eye contact.

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