Kim Kardashian Is Being Called Out For A “Tasteless” And “Out Of Touch” TikTok; Here’s Everything There Is To Know

“The lack of relatability in this not alienating y'all from her products, is wild to me,” one person tweeted. “Like Ms. Lady has tanning and red light booths in her office, she's letting you know the way she access beauty is inaccessible to you while marketing beauty products…”

It’s fair to say that there has recently been a pretty huge shift in the way that people approach the concept of celebrity, with relatability slowly becoming one of the key attributes for success.

Ado Edebiri holding an Emmy

Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore recently went viral after she posted a video that showed off her humble home — complete with an incredibly small television.

And even the Beckhams have cottoned onto the appeal of presenting themselves as everyday people behind closed doors, with David Beckham’s recent Netflix docuseries, Beckham, showing him painstakingly cleaning every inch of the family’s home himself and even playfully calling out his wife, Victoria Beckham, for her childhood wealth.

David saying in a doorway, "What car did your dad drive you to school in?"

But one celebrity who seemingly hasn’t received the relatability memo is Kim Kardashian, who has faced repeated backlash for being “out of touch” and “flaunting her wealth” in recent years.

Close-up of Kim looking over her shoulder

Later that same year, Kim was branded “delusional” when she shot down the suggestion that her family has fueled body image insecurities among the general population, vehemently insisting that her look is “attainable” by everyday people.

Close-up of Kim in a lacy sheer outfit against a floral background

And things aren’t much better on The Kardashians, where Kim once gave viewers a tour of her cashmere-lined $150 million private jet — which she later used to fly to Las Vegas for just a few hours before flying back home for a scheduled spray tan.

After all of this, it's perhaps unsurprising that Kim’s latest TikTok has rubbed many people the wrong way. In it, the star jumps at the opportunity to take part in the recent “of course” trend that has been dominating the app.

Screenshot of Kim in a robe with with caption, "I'm Kim Kardashian, of course (SKKN Office Edition)

“I’m Kim Kardashian,” she begins. “Of course I have all my magazine covers covering my walls.” But the “of courses” soon become more and more extravagant, with Kim showing off her huge on-site glam room, which includes a mannequin that has been custom made to her measurements, a wall of ginormous TV screens that constantly play all of her past beauty campaigns, and 3D models of her brain and her private plane.

@kimkardashian / Via

She then shows off her on-site ultraviolet tanning bed, telling viewers, “I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I have a tanning bed and a red light bed in my office.”

Screenshot of Kim in her tanning bed

Reacting to the TikTok on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person wrote, “I am so sorry but genuinely from the depths of my soul I cannot stand this woman and everything she stands for. Imagine being so out of touch that you think THIS is funny and relatable.”

@kimkardashian/TikTok / Via Twitter: @mastermindmaris

“It’s not the 2010s IG influencer era anymore,” another agreed. “This is just gonna piss ppl off / The Kardashians are so out of touch.”

“Forget the vulgarity and the absurd wealth for a second (and not longer), it's just so tasteless and bizarre. Money is completely wasted on the rich,” somebody else wrote.

“Does Kim think that this is quirky or funny?” one more asked. “There are people dying in wars and most people are struggling to survive because of inflation and she’s flexing her wealth. How ignorant can you be?”

“hilarious that she thinks she just convinced us to give her more money at the end,” another tweeted

And they weren’t the only ones to think that the TikTok was a strange way for Kim to encourage people to buy her products, with somebody else pointing out, “The lack of relatability in this not alienating y'all from her products, is wild to me. Like Ms. Lady has tanning and red light booths in her office, she's letting you know the way she access beauty is inaccessible to you while marketing beauty products…”

@kimkardashian/TikTok / Via Twitter: @Yung_Femme

“Isn't the point of this trend that it's supposed to be relatable? Lol who wants to see Kim Kardashian flex in this day and age?” one more queried.

But some argued that Kim wasn’t trying to be relatable after all, with one person writing, “Oh she doesn’t think it’s relatable. She doesn’t want to be relatable. She wants you to aspire to be her.”

Twitter: @olive_jus

“I don’t think she’s trying to be relatable here. She’s not relatable she’s Kim K… that’s the point,” somebody else agreed.

Others also shared their disappointment at Kim promoting her tanning bed, with studies showing that indoor tanning is incredibly dangerous and puts users at an increased risk of skin cancer. Considering that Kim has a skincare line, the irony was not lost on critics.

Screenshot of Kim in her red light bed

Kim has not acknowledged the backlash to her video, but we’ll let you know if she does!

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