Crystal Hefner Said She Was “Constantly Crying” Over Everything At The Playboy Mansion As She Recalled Hugh Hefner’s Animals Wailing For Help Due To Neglect

Crystal’s comments about Hugh Hefner’s animals have reminded people of the widespread allegations of bestiality at the Playboy Mansion.

This article includes allegations of sexual abuse and bestiality.

Crystal Hefner was just 21 years old when she first moved into the infamous Playboy Mansion in 2007, where she became one of Hugh Hefner’s many girlfriends.

Close-up of Crystal at a media event in a colorful short-sleeved outfit with wide collar

Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself was released earlier this month and lifts the lid on Crystal’s “traumatic” relationship with the mogul.

Close-up of Crystal and Hugh in matching robes and captain's caps

Crystal also details the heartbreaking way that Hugh’s animals were treated at the mansion, which had an on-site zoo full of exotic creatures. Monkeys were kept in cages, and peacocks wandered the ground freely.

Close-up of Holly Madison, a former girlfriend of Hugh's, with a large bird on her arm as she's feeding monkeys behind a fence

Crystal was apparently able to hear the animals’ wails for help from her bedroom, writing, “Even with the window shut, I could hear their plaintive voices in my mind. 'Help, help,’ they cawed and wailed — at least that’s what it sounded like to me.”

A peacock showing its plumage on grass

Detailing the zoo, which Hugh had a special license for, Crystal added, “All those animals were so depressed and sad looking, you walk by the cages and you're just, none of them were happy.”

Close-up of Crystal smiling at a media event

And Crystal’s revelations soon reminded people of other allegations of animal abuse at the Playboy Mansion, with Hugh also being accused of bestiality over the years.

Close-up of Hugh sitting on a tiger-print couch

In the 2022 docuseries Secrets of Playboy, Sondra Theodore claims that she once walked in on Hugh engaging in sexual activity with her dog. Sondra was one of Hugh’s girlfriends for five years in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Close-up of Sondra and Hugh, who's wearing a bow tie

In the same series, Hugh’s former valet, Stefan Tetenbaum, named “sex with dogs” in a long list of sexually depraved acts that were allegedly available at the mansion, and Playboy Bunny “mother” P.J. Masten claimed that she once witnessed porn star Linda Lovelace being forced by Hugh and other members of his inner circle to perform oral sex on a dog.

Close-up of Linda

Linda, who died in 2002, personally reflected on her encounters with Hugh in her 1980 autobiography, Ordeal.

Close-up of Linda in a long-sleeved turtleneck

In her memoir, Linda says that when she and Chuck first met Hugh at the Playboy Mansion, Hugh told Chuck that the dog movie was “terrific” before adding, “You know, we’ve tried that several times, tried to get a girl and a dog together, but it has never worked.”

Close-up of Hugh smoking a pipe

In addition to the Secrets of Playboy docuseries and Crystal’s new memoir, other concerning allegations against Hugh and life at the Playboy Mansion have been made on the Girls Next Level podcast, as well as the various memoirs from other former Playmates.

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