Dakota Johnson Said That She Isn’t “Functional” If She Gets Less Than 10 Hours Of Sleep A Night, And Can “Easily” Snooze For 14 Hours

Dakota said that she isn’t “functional” on less than 10 hours of sleep, and also admitted to having a bath “at any moment” if she starts to feel stressed.

Dakota Johnson is certainly no stranger to causing a stir on the internet.

Dakota on the red carpet in a coat

More than four years after it happened, people still quote the moment that Dakota called Ellen DeGeneres out on her talk show when she claimed that she hadn’t been invited to Dakota’s birthday party.

"That's not the truth, Ellen."

"Actually, no — that's not the truth, Ellen,” Dakota famously responded, leaving Ellen visibly ruffled.

Dakota and Ellen talking

And who can forget the star’s Architectural Digest tour of her home in 2020, when she showed off a bowl of limes that she had on display in her kitchen.

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

"I love limes. I love them so much,” she gushed at the time. “They're great, and I love them so much, and I like to present them like this in my house.”

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

The following year, Dakota floored fans when she admitted that not only does she not like limes, she’s actually allergic to them.

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Dakota admitted that she didn’t even know the bowl was there as someone had come into her home before the shoot to make sure it looked “amazing.”

Dakota on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"

“It was a set dressing,” she added. “They put this big bowl of limes, which I saw while we were filming. And it was funny. So, I talked about it because who only has a bowl of limes? Apparently, me."

Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Fallon

Fast-forward to this week, and Dakota is once again going viral for another hard-to-believe moment — this time in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

Speaking to the publication, Dakota admitted that she often sleeps for more than half a day at a time. She also revealed that she will drop everything for a bath if she is feeling stressed because she finds it “grounding.”

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

Discussing her daily routine with the publication, Dakota began by saying that she doesn’t have a “regular” wake-up time. She added: “It depends on what’s happening in my life. If I’m not working, if I have a day off on a Monday, then I will sleep as long as I can. Sleep is my number one priority in life.”

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

When asked how many hours of sleep she aims for each night, Dakota earnestly replied: “I’m not functional if I get less than 10. I can easily go 14 hours.”

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

Detailing some more of her self-care regimen, the star said: “I will get in a bathtub at any moment, any time of the day. If in the middle of the day, I’m like, ‘Oh God, what is this world?’ I’ll get in the bathtub.”

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

“I find water really grounding,” she explained, adding that she also meditates twice a day.

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

Needless to say, Dakota’s candid confession has divided people, with many taking to social media to share their reaction to her daily life.

Dakota shopping for flowers

Many were in awe of the fact that the actor is so well-rested, and admitted to envying her snoozing ability. Tweeting in response to her quotes, one person wrote: “need to be her so bad.”

need to be her so bad https://t.co/X8HvACRmQ0

— mysterious boyfriend Pinkus (@gabbyblayden) December 13, 2023
Twitter: @gabbyblayden / Via Twitter: @gabbyblayden

Another said: “She is so real for this.” Somebody else confessed: “I really envy this good sleeping quality,” while one more echoed: “I wish I could say the same because damn I’m tired.”

"I really envy this good sleeping quality."

But others found Dakota’s comments to be a little out of touch, with a cynic arguing: “Dakota Johnson has no real life responsibilities. Otherwise she know how to function on 6 hours of sleep.”

"Dakota Johnson has no real life responsibilities."

Somebody else claimed: “I would sleep all day, too, if I had money like hers, a cook, maid, & gardener. Must be nice to get 6hrs of sleep. I work 3 jobs just to get a good paycheck. I'm exhausted. I'm happy she gets to rest 15hrs a day.”

"I'm happy she gets to rest 15hrs a day."

“Seems lazy,” another X user responded.

"Seems lazy."

Meanwhile, some just joked that they finally felt represented as they admitted to needing the same amount of rest.

Closeup of Dakota Johnson

One person wrote: “it’s so beautiful to see yourself represented in the media.” Another tweeted: “finally someone who gets it.”

it’s so beautiful to see yourself represented in the media 🥲 https://t.co/SHfPmobODD

— Georgia (@Joejuh_Peach) December 12, 2023
Twitter @Joejuh_Peach / Via Twitter: @Joejuh_Peach

While somebody else mused: “this is so clarifying... she has always given well-rested.”

this is so clarifying... she has always given well-rested https://t.co/XJE1ylEqml

— Who? Weekly (@whoweekly) December 12, 2023
Twitter @whoweekly / Via Twitter: @whoweekly

If you’re wondering, health guidelines recommend that adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

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