Christina Aguilera Has Admitted That She Is “Very Sensitive” As She Discussed The “Hate” And “Scrutiny” She Receives After Pink Reignited Her One-Sided Feud

Pink is far from the only star to have taken swipes at Christina over the years.

Christina Aguilera was 13 years old when she joined the Disney Channel TV series The Mickey Mouse Club in the early '90s, with her fellow cast members including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling.

By the end of the decade, Christina had established herself as a successful solo artist — but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

In fact, throughout her career, Christina has been repeatedly targeted by her fellow celebrities, including Britney, Pink, and Eminem.

The rivalry between her and Britney was mostly fueled by the media, with the two former Mouseketeers being pitted against one another when they released their first singles.

While Britney was largely viewed as America’s sweetheart at the time, Christina had more of an edge to her and was immediately presented as the “bad girl.”

The star reflected on this in a 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, where she said: "I remember being hurt by these commercials on MTV, pitting Britney as the good girl and me as the bad girl. It’s like, if I’m going to be demure and innocent, that’s okay. But if I’m going to just be myself, I’m trouble.”

Her beef with Eminem is even more uncomfortable, with the rapper taking issue with the singer after she mentioned his marriage to his ex-wife Kim.

Speaking in her 1999 MTV special What a Girl Wants, Christina referenced the plethora of abusive songs that Eminem had released about Kim — such as his highly controversial track “’97 Bonnie & Clyde,” where he raps about enlisting their daughter Hailie Jade to help him dispose of her murdered mom’s body.

"I heard he's married now,” Christina said of Eminem in the special. “The girl that he talks about killing on his record, actually.” She then went on to warn viewers against tolerating violence in relationships.

Eminem began his retaliation in his 2000 song “The Real Slim Shady,” where he makes sexually derogatory comments about Christina before accusing her of giving him an STD.

His jibes eventually became violent, and in his song “Off The Wall” he raps: “Causing terror to Christina Aguilera / When I grab her by the hair and drag her across the Sahara.”

Eminem was still rapping about Christina as recently as 2018, and the following year she admitted that she is confused by him continuing to name-drop her after almost two decades.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Christina said: “That’s really in the past and, you know, it was thirsty then, it’s thirsty now.”

Referencing Eminem’s song “Kick Off,” she added: “It’s not nice to go after anybody, especially a female in this business, and now, what we’re looking at and seeing come to the forefront, it’s just, get a new gig. Have something else to talk about."

Meanwhile, pop star Pink reignited her decades-old beef with Christina during a recent interview with BuzzFeed UK.

Just last month — and totally unprompted — the singer threw shade when she was asked to rank some of her most memorable music videos. Notably, Pink put her collaboration with Christina, Mya, and Lil’ Kim, “Lady Marmalade,” at the bottom.

“It wasn’t very fun to make,” she explained at the time. "I'm all about fun, and it was a lot of fuss. There were some personalities. Kim and Mya were nice.”

It didn’t take long for people to notice that Christina was the only one who hadn’t been called “nice,” which is particularly interesting considering Pink’s history of taking swipes at the star.

In fact, during Pink’s 2001 AMAs performance, she had dancers dressed up like Britney, Christina, and Jessica Simpson to poke fun at their conventional beauty and accuse them of being materialistic.

Fast-forward three years and Pink had incorporated a blow-up doll of Christina into her set for every night of her Try This tour. In a resurfaced video, Pink can be seen simulating sex on the doll and — in case there was any doubt over who it was supposed to represent — she sang Christina’s song “Beautiful” to it.

Pink’s issue is thought to have stemmed from their work together on “Lady Marmalade,” with Pink admitting in 2001 that she was disappointed that Christina was given the high parts of the song.

Recently, Christina admitted that she was “intimidated” by Pink during the music video shoot because she was “heckling” her as she tried to film her scenes.

Pink became more resentful of Christina in 2002 after esteemed songwriter Linda Perry chose to work with her on an album. Linda had previously worked on Pink’s record Missundaztood.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Pink confessed that she had wanted Linda’s song “Beautiful” for herself, but it was instead given to Christina — who enjoyed huge commercial success with it.

Now, in a new interview with Allure magazine, Christina has reflected on the way that she has been treated throughout her decades in the industry as she admitted that she is “a very sensitive person.”

“I've grown up in this business. I started performing at six or seven and then I broke when I was a teenager. No matter what you do, you're going to have people that hate on you,” she explained. “The bigger you are and the more successful, unfortunately, that comes with more hate or more scrutiny.”

“And I'm a very sensitive person,” Christina added, before asserting: “But I'm also very tough at the end of the day.”

The star’s remarkable ability to handle the negativity has certainly shined through over the years, and she has rarely retaliated to any public attacks from her famous peers.

However, she did appear to indirectly address the Eminem drama in her 2002 hit single “Can’t Hold Us Down,” where she asks: “Should I keep quiet just because I'm a woman?”

She then goes on to sing: “When a female fires back / Suddenly big talker don't know how to act / So he does what any little boy would do / Makin' up a few false rumors or two/ That for sure is not a man to me / Slanderin' names for popularity.”

As for Pink, Christina invited her to be her adviser on The Voice when she was a coach in 2016, leaving fans to assume that they had buried the hatchet.

Two years later, she said that she was happy to let bygones be bygones as she said of Pink: “She’s a different person now.”

She has not publicly acknowledged Pink’s most recent comments about her, but Pink did address growing backlash to her remarks on her Twitter page.

“Y’all are nuts. Xtina had shit to do with who was on that song,” she tweeted. “If you don’t know by now- I’m not 'shading' someone by telling it over and over and over what actually happened. I’m zero percent interested in your fucking drama. If you haven’t noticed- I’m a little busy selling.”

Y’all are nuts Xtina had shit to do with who was on that song.If you don’t know by now- I’m not “shading” someone by telling it over and over and over what actually happened. I’m zero percent interested in your fucking drama. If you haven’t noticed- I’m a little busy selling

Twitter: @Pink

Meanwhile, Britney faced fierce backlash last year when she was accused of body-shaming Christina and her tour dancers when she posted an Instagram photo that read: “I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.”

“I wish I could have chosen the nannies for my children ... my dancers ... I mean if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would have looked extremely small,” Britney added in the caption.

Christina did not publicly acknowledge Britney’s jibe, but did unfollow her on Instagram.

Britney later insisted that her comment was just a “projection of the insecurities” that she deals with, and claimed: “By no means was I being critical of Christina's beautiful body, it is what it is.”

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