Brooklyn Peltz Beckham Is Being Roasted On TikTok After He Was Stopped In The Street And Asked What He Does For A Living

“Not him pretending being a chef got him that car….. Brooklyn, please.”

Brooklyn Peltz Beckham is probably best known for being the oldest child of David and Victoria Beckham, a British power couple with an estimated net worth of $450 million.

With his dad one of the most famous soccer players in the world, and his mom one-fifth of the Spice Girls, it’s safe to say that Brooklyn was born into a life of extreme wealth and privilege.

And in April 2022, Brooklyn married billionaire heir Nicola Peltz Beckham, whose dad — Nelson Peltz — has an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion.

With all this in mind, it’s probably no surprise that Brooklyn has a personal estimated net worth of $10 million, and at the age of 23, he’s dabbled with several potential career paths.

He started by following in his dad’s soccer-playing footsteps, with prestigious Arsenal Football Club snapping him up as a youth prospect before letting him go at the age of 16.

Brooklyn then enrolled in New York’s Parsons School of Design in 2017 in the hope of pursuing a photography degree, and just months later he released a photography book called What I See.

The book quickly became the subject of ridicule after some of its photos leaked online, with social media users lambasting Brooklyn’s “terrible photographs and even worse captions.”

Huge fan of Brooklyn Beckham's terrible photographs and even worse captions

Twitter: @alicevjones

Brooklyn dropped out of the NYC school the following year as he was reportedly suffering from homesickness, and he instead began an internship with world-famous British photographer Rankin in London in 2019.

At the time, sources claimed that although Brooklyn was enthusiastic, he was a total novice when it came to photography — something that shocked his colleagues due to his book deal, time at Parsons, and other high-profile photography successes, which included shooting campaigns for Burberry.

“Everyone knew Brooklyn's work needed fine-tuning but no one knew his knowledge of the simplest tasks was so off,” a source told the Sun. “Everyone had high hopes for him but it's not been the most impressive start.”

Brooklyn ended up stepping away from photography and tried his hand at being in front of the camera when he was handed a modeling deal as the face of British streetwear brand Superdry.

But in April, the company announced that they were no longer working with him after less than a year.

In a recent interview with Variety, Brooklyn acknowledged that he’d had more career false starts than most but insisted that his previous dalliances were simply “hobbies” and he’d now discovered his true passion, cooking.

“They were kind of all hobbies. I was still trying to find that one thing I would literally die for, and I found that with cooking,” he told the publication as part of its Power of Young Hollywood issue.

But people aren’t too convinced that his love of cooking will stick, and when Brooklyn appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show to show off his skills in the kitchen in February, he was widely mocked.

In fact, viewers struggled to take Brooklyn’s new career path seriously, with many pointing out that he’s only been able to indulge in such a variety of high-profile ventures because of nepotism.

“Brooklyn Beckham is the dictionary definition of nepotism. Honestly open the page and it's a picture of his face. He's woeful and only getting airtime because of his surname. Laughable,” one person said of the TV appearance.

Brooklyn Beckham is the dictionary definition of nepotism. Honestly open the page and it's a picture of his face. He's woeful and only getting airtime because of his surname. Laughable.

Twitter: @Lockiebaws

“Some nepotism babies do just kinda suck ass because they get positions they are horrifically under qualified for *cough cough* that Beckham kid at the photography place,” another tweeted.

@pinkitties Some nepotism babies do just kinda suck ass because they get positions they are horrifically under qualified for *cough cough* that Beckham kid at the photography place

Twitter: @samisntokay

But Brooklyn has held his head up high and powered on despite the naysayers, telling Variety: “I always wish them well, the haters. I’m just doing what I love doing, staying healthy, being happy, and that’s what it is.”

However, just days after the interview was published, Brooklyn sparked fresh backlash after he appeared in Daniel Mac’s popular “What Do You Do For A Living?” TikTok series.

For those who are unaware, Daniel has 12.9 million followers due in part to his videos where he stops strangers in the street and asks them what they do for work.


The dude in the background like 🧐 #rollsroyce #phantom

♬ original sound - DANIEL MAC

He mostly stops people who are driving expensive cars or look particularly well-off, and he has insisted that he didn’t initially recognize Brooklyn when he approached him on Rodeo Drive last week.

Daniel stopped Brooklyn because he noticed that he was driving a red McLaren P1 — one of just 375 of the vehicles produced, and worth an estimated $1.2 million.

“Hey man, what do you do for a living? Your car’s awesome,” Daniel asked as he approached Brooklyn’s open passenger window.


Bruh What Even Is A “Chef Name 😅💀@brooklynbeckham #mclarenp1 #p1

♬ original sound - DANIEL MAC

“Oh my god, I know you,” Brooklyn replied, having clearly seen Daniel’s past videos. He then replied: “I’m a chef.”

Clearly confused about how he’d been able to afford such an exclusive and expensive car as a chef, Daniel asked: “Are you, like, the best chef in the world?”

Brooklyn laughed and coyly said, “Trying to be,” introducing himself as Brooklyn when asked what his “chef name” is.

“Any advice for people trying to get into cooking?” Daniel asked, to which Brooklyn replied, “Just follow your passion, whatever makes you happy, keep doing it,” before driving off.

It didn’t take long for Brooklyn to be called out in the video’s comment section, with many people roasting him for implying that the only reason that he has a $1.2 million car is that he’s a chef.

“Born into a multimillionaire family and now married a billionaires’s daughter. But he’s a chef!!” one person wrote. Another echoed: “Not him pretending being a chef got him that car….. Brooklyn, please.”

“He’s a chef, I’m crying 😂,” another comment read. Someone else wrote: “Chef 😂😂 he meant to say daddy’s money.”

“He didn’t pay that from being a chef lol,” another person remarked. One more added: “‘What do you do for a living?' Born to Victoria and David Beckham ✨✨”

“‘My dad is a former footballer and my mum was a spice girl.. chef, [I mean] I'm a chef,’” one user joked. Another sarcastically quipped: “I think this guy could go places, started with nothing, no silver spoon, no wealthy parents, nothing. You go kid!”

Others referenced how many different careers Brooklyn had tried so far, with one person writing: “One feature on Vogue online making pasta that his parents bought and he’s a chef 😂 last year he was a ‘photographer.’”

Another person tried to give Brooklyn the benefit of the doubt, commenting: “It's a shame as he’s obviously trying to not be in his father's shadow but the truth is that he doesn't have that car by being a chef. 😂”

Brooklyn’s outing comes shortly after he and Nicola broke their silence on the messy feud rumors surrounding Nicola and her new mother-in-law.

Speculation had been growing after the two women’s once-constant Instagram interactions and public declarations of admiration for one another abruptly stopped, with it reported that Victoria had been frozen out of her son’s wedding and that Nicola had refused to wear a dress that her mother-in-law designed.

But the newlyweds shut down the rumors, with Nicola telling Variety: “I was going to [wear Victoria’s design] and I really wanted to, and then a few months down the line, she realized that her atelier couldn’t do it. So then I had to pick another dress. She didn’t say you can’t wear it; I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. That’s where it started, and then they ran with that.”

Brooklyn doubled down on the stance, insisting that “everyone gets along.” He explained: “I’ve learned they’re always going to try to write stuff like that. They’re always going to try and put people down. But everyone gets along, which is good.”

Neither Victoria nor David Beckham have commented on the speculation.

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