From Twiggy Turning The Tables On Woody Allen To Lady Gaga’s Nonchalance Towards Rumors That She Has A Penis, Here Are 10 Times Celebrities Left Their Interviewers "Gagged"

These celebs did not come to play, and for that, we salute them 🫡

Every so often, a viral tweet comes along to remind us all of some iconic moments that we may have forgotten — and this week there has only been one dominating our timelines.

name a time a celebrity gagged their interviewer😭

— 𝗱𝗮𝗻𝗻𝘆🫧💚 (@beyoncegarden) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @beyoncegarden / Via Twitter: @beyoncegarden
On Tuesday, X (formerly Twitter) user @beyoncegarden asked followers: “name a time a celebrity gagged their interviewer,” and people didn’t need to be asked twice.

In just three days, the tweet has been seen more than 80 million times, and has racked up thousands of replies and quote tweets as other users have shared their answers.

Some of these moments are arguably already seared into public consciousness. After all, who could forget the awkward moment when Dakota Johnson gently told Ellen DeGeneres that her claim that she wasn’t invited to her birthday party was “not the truth”?

if you post anything other then this clip you’re wrong nothing will ever top this gagged so bad she canceled the whole fucking show

— dee(: (@deetlezz) January 4, 2024
ABC / Via Twitter: @deetlezz

And the time when Jimmy Fallon’s life and career flashed before his eyes after Ru Paul faked offense over being called a “drag queen” resurfaces on social media pretty regularly.

the time rupaul had jimmy fallon believing he uttered a slur

— leon (@skyferrori) January 4, 2024
NBC / Via Twitter: @skyferrori

Other examples have also resurfaced on their own in recent months, including Angelina Jolie casually confronting Jay Leno for making incest jokes about her and her brother live on his show, and Justin Bieber’s “mature” response to being grilled on why he was so successful at the age of 15.

mind you justin bieber was only 15

— drew⁷ (@freakumvirgos) January 2, 2024
CTV / Via Twitter: @freakumvirgos
But, as the viral tweet proves, there have been plenty of other times that a celebrity has left their interviewer gagged; here are some of the best responses this week.

1. Christina Aguilera

When Xtina reminded Conan he used to say misogynistic crap about her during the Stripped era

— Mark Sundstrom (@106th) January 3, 2024
TBS / Via Twitter: @106th
During a 2010 appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, Christina Aguilera did not hold back as she held him to account for comments that he had made about her in his stand-up routines in the early ‘00s.

After he told her that she was looking “amazing,” the singer replied: “Thank you, I’m surprised to hear that from you because you gave me a lot of grief, I remember years and years ago, for my ass-less chaps moment-in-time for a song called ‘Dirrty.’”

Conan immediately started to backtrack, but Christina continued talking. She said: “I remember hearing a lot of stuff about your stand-up being very negative towards the sexuality involved, and so I always pegged you as a very anti-sexual kind of guy.”

“Oh you got that so wrong,” flustered Conan insisted. “I love the ass-less chaps. What you were getting, when a comedian goes on and on about someone attractive wearing ass-less chaps it’s jealousy, it’s pure jealousy.”

Sharing the clip, an X user wrote: “When Xtina reminded Conan he used to say misogynistic crap about her during the Stripped era.”

2. Britney Spears

“it’s just a movie. it’s pretend. you’re an adult, you should know that.” 💀

— Emre. (@EmreAkn) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @EmreAkn / Via Twitter: @EmreAkn
During a press conference for her 2002 movie, Crossroads, Britney was asked if her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake was “jealous” to see her kiss another man in the film.

Getting straight to the point, Britney politely answered: “No, it’s just a movie. It’s pretend. You’re an adult, you should know that.”

And her huge smile at the end of this reply makes it clear that Britney knows that she ate. 

3. Mariah Carey

Twitter: @queen0fshade / Via Twitter: @queen0fshade
When Andy Cohen played “Plead The Fifth” with Mariah Carey during her 2016 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, he probably didn’t expect for her to turn the tables on him.

The host asked Mariah if she was able to “say three nice things about Nicki Minaj,” and Mariah made it very clear that she could not.

The audience burst into laughter as the singer looked blankly at Andy in silence before eventually asking him: “Can you?”

Andy looked uncomfortable and said “sure” between laughter, only for Mariah to say: “OK, go ahead.”

“You want me to?” Andy exclaimed, and as she encouraged him to answer his own question, he began to stutter and laugh while tripping over his words.

4. Eartha Kitt

Laughed in buddy face, called him STEWPID, then required he re-think the question again…

— TRAV (@kingtravyyy) January 3, 2024
Michael Blackwood Productions
Singer Eartha Kitt is proof that celebrities have been leaving interviewers gagged for years, with a clip from her 1982 documentary, All By Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story, also being posted in response to the viral tweet.

In the footage, Eartha is asked: “If a man came into your life, wouldn’t you want to compromise?"

Eartha responded by immediately bursting into laughter, before turning back to the reporter and stating: “Stupid!”

She then laughed even more loudly, and said: “A man comes into my life and I have to compromise? You must think about that one again.”

Clearly unable to wrap her head around the question, Eartha laughed some more before repeating it out loud again. 

“A man comes into my life and you have to compromise, for what?” she seemingly asked herself, calmly asking once more: “For what?”

Then, she looked back up at the interviewer and furrowed her brow, asking more angrily this time: “For what?!”

5. Twiggy

My Roman Empire is Twiggy destroying Woody Allen

— Eliza Plotnik (@glowgirleliza) January 4, 2024
Transmission Films / Via Twitter: @glowgirleliza
And speaking of stupid questions, British model Twiggy was quick to pull an Uno Reverse card when director Woody Allen seemingly attempted to embarrass her during an interview in the ‘60s.

Twiggy was just 17 years old at the time, and Woody kicked off the interview by asking her: “Who’s your favorite philosopher?”

Laughing awkwardly, Twiggy answered: “I haven’t got one, I have no idea.” She then asked: “Who’s yours?”

“Oh, I like them all,” Woody stuttered in response, but Twiggy refused to let him get away that easily. 

“Who?” she asked again. Woody replied: “All your basic philosophers.”

“Who?” Twiggy repeated, Woody once again stumbled over his words as he said: “Just all of them.”

“I don’t know their names though,” Twiggy confessed, with a serious look on her face. “What are their names?”

Twiggy later revealed that she had wanted to run off and “burst into tears” when Woody first asked the question, adding: “It was such a cruel thing to do to a young girl.”

She also said that after she turned the tables on Woody, he left the set and refused to continue with the interview. 

Speaking about the immediate aftermath of the philosopher exchange in a 2009 interview, Twiggy said: “He said to me, 'I suppose you've read Dickens,' thinking I hadn't. So I said, 'Yeah, I read him at school.' In the end he said, 'Oh, I can't interview her,' and left the stage."

6. Lady Gaga

Gaga trolling in the name of acceptance is truly the best

— ullie ♡̶ (@plasticwuju) January 3, 2024
CBS / Via Twitter: @plasticwuju
When Lady Gaga first shot to fame, there were a whole load of rumors about her — including speculation that she was born with both male and female sex organs.

Anderson Cooper broached this rumor directly with the star during a 2011 episode of 60 Minutes: Overtime, where he said: “There was that rumor that you had a male appendage, that you were a hermaphrodite.”

Shrugging casually while eating some food, Gaga replied: “Maybe I do.” After a beat, she added: “Would it be so terrible?”

Clearly caught off-guard, Anderson went on: “It’s interesting, a lot of artists would immediately put out some sort of a statement and say: ‘This is absolutely not true,’ you have fun with it."

Gaga looked confused by this, and asked the host: “Why the hell am I going to waste my time and give a press release about whether or not I have a penis?”

Anderson didn’t answer, and Gaga nonchalantly added: “My fans don’t care and neither do I.” 

7. Michael Jackson

she had been belittling MJ the whole show, he got tired & said “since you got your degree”

— mvse (@NIYMUSE) January 3, 2024
ABC / Via Twitter: @NIYMUSE
In 1997, Michael Jackson was left visibly frustrated towards the end of a difficult sit-down interview with Barbara Walters, who had been giving him a pretty tough time throughout.

Michael had recently welcomed his first child, Prince Jackson, and expressed his concerns for his son’s future to Barbara as he referenced the cruel nickname that the media had given him at the time. 

He said of his newborn: “I want to have some space where he can go to school, I don’t want him to be called ‘Wacko Jacko,’ that’s not nice. They call the father that, that isn’t nice, right?"

“You said you don’t want your child to be called ‘Wacko Jacko’s son,’” Barbara replied. “How are you going to prevent it so they don’t do it to him?”

Clearly exasperated, Michael answered: “That’s the thing, that’s the idea — maybe you should come up with a plan to help me.”

“She had been belittling MJ the whole show, he got tired & said ‘since you got your degree,’” a fan tweeted as they shared the video.

8. Rihanna

Rihanna put her together real quick

— Fenty Lounge⚓️ (@FentyLounge) January 3, 2024
ITN / Via Twitter: @FentyLounge
While Rihanna was promoting her movie Battleship back in 2012, she was also being linked to actor Ashton Kutcher in the media.

And one journalist referenced this during a press conference for the film, asking the star: “Things are clearly going brilliantly in your career and I’m just wondering if you are as happy in your private life, and will we be seeing a certain Mr. Ashton Kutcher perhaps making a trip over here?”

Rihanna’s face remained deadpan as she shook her head. She then said to the rest of the people at the conference: “Wow, how disappointing was that question?”

“Shall we move onto another one?” the press conference host asked, to which Rihanna said: “Absolutely.”

Addressing the original journalist directly, she then stated: “I’m happy and I’m single, if that’s what you’re really asking.”

9. Simone Biles

Twitter: @tylerduran21 / Via Twitter: @tylerduran21
Who can forget Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles having the perfect response to being asked why she didn’t smile more during her 2017 appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

Simone went down in history for her comeback when the show’s host, Tom Bergeron, asked her why she wasn’t smiling at the judges’ positive comments. 

The gymnast bluntly told him: “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.”

10. Jhené Aiko

This will never not be funny 😭

— vids that go hard (@vidsthatgohard) January 3, 2024
Billboard / Via Twitter: @vidsthatgohard
Finally, singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko left a journalist gagged in a different kind of way on the red carpet for the 2015 Grammys, with the reporter seemingly left speechless by her beauty.

As Jhené politely gazed up at the journalist, he stumbled over his words in tremendous fashion as he asked: “Wh-what… What is… I’m sorry!” before bursting into awkward laughter. 

Jhené handled the situation like a pro, and simply waited patiently for him to pull himself together and ask her the question.

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