A British Reality Star Expertly Shut Down Anti-Trans Rhetoric In A Flawless Display Of Allyship Live On TV

“It's the people who fear wokeness that seem to be the snowflakes because they're getting offended by words,” Ashley James said in the iconic viral takedown.

It is undeniable that in recent years, there has been a war on trans rights across the globe, with high-profile figures like J.K. Rowling and Dave Chappelle stoking the flames across social media.

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But a British reality star has now gone viral for the way that she coolly educated critics on the actual definition of “wokeness” in a flawless display of allyship on live TV.

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Reacting to the story, Gyles claimed: “I heard of a nurse at a respected London hospital who has been told that she must tell mothers to use the phrase ‘chestfeeding’ when talking to a mother about breastfeeding."

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But Ashley was having none of it, interrupting: “My eyes could not roll further into the back of my head if they tried because, firstly, that’s not true. That’s tabloids trying to whip up a frenzy.”

Ashley James on This Morning

“‘Parents’ doesn't take away from the role of a mother,” Ashley said. “I so support the term ‘mother,’ I'm a breastfeeding mum; nobody has ever told me ‘chestfeeding.’ I’ve got trans friends, and none of them are offended.”


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The star then concluded: “Sometimes I think the government and the media like to whip up this frenzy to make people think things are going too far, but wokeness is not the reason that we don't have affordable housing, wokeness is not the reason public services are crumbling. It’s just a nothing story.”

And an impressed viewer shared a clip of this moment to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday, simply writing in the caption: “ALLY-SHIP IN ACTION,” adding in a separate tweet: “Aside from the incredible words — standing up for your own beliefs & championing others, whilst on a platform with an audience known to have anti-woke views is so refreshing. Its not just an Instagram tile statement or performative flag in a bio. Its taking risks & doing the work.”

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral. In fact, in just two days, the tweet has been seen more than 11 million times and received over 20,000 retweets as people praised what Ashley said.

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