Trump Spent His Final "Fox & Friends" Appearance Before The Election Criticizing Everyone, Including Fox News

The president said he would declare himself the winner on Election Day "when there is victory."

President Donald Trump lambasted his critics, his opponent Joe Biden, and even Fox News in his final pitch to voters during his appearance on the network's Fox & Friends morning show on Election Day.

The president has spent much of the past week insisting that a winner of the election be declared on Tuesday night, despite the likelihood that vote-counting could go on for days, and sowing mistrust about the reliability of the vote count. When host Steve Doocy said some have speculated Trump may "declare victory if the early numbers favor you" and asked the president when he would declare himself the winner, he was vague.

"When there is victory," Trump said, sounding hoarse after a whirlwind schedule of non–socially distant rallies with supporters in the final days of the campaign. "If there is victory, I think we will have victory. I think the polls are, you know, suppression polls. And I think we will have victory. But only when there is victory. You know, there is no reason to play games. And I think we will have victory."

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Trump then launched into his usual hits against Biden, his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, who Trump said would be a "terrible" first woman president if she ascended to the office, and "the plague from China." He also attacked Fox News itself, leaving the hosts stumbling to defend their network's own coverage of his campaign.

Trump complained that Fox was giving Biden too much airtime, saying "in the old days they wouldn't put on Sleepy Joe every time he had opened his mouth. They had other networks for that, frankly." Host Brian Kilmeade responded, saying that the network tries to "show both sides."

Here's Trump complaining about how much Fox News has had Joe Biden on the network and Fox and Friends' awk responses trying to defend themselves 😬

The hosts also asked the president what he thought about the fact that several cities across the country, including his native New York, are bracing for potential unrest after the election, with several companies boarding up storefronts to prepare.

Trump called it "sad," but claimed the issue was primarily due to the fact these are "Democrat-run cities."

"That's because of weak leadership and weak, weak leadership and, you know, my side is a very strong side," he said.

Doocy noted that his show was the first to interview Trump after he was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election, and now they were doing his first on Election Day.

He asked Trump if he had gotten emotional during what could have been the "last rally of your political life" on Monday night in Michigan, noting the president had told the crowd, "Don't make me cry."

"Well, I was being— I was kidding, actually. But, you know, there is a little emotion," Trump said.

Biden spent the morning of Election Day at church in Delaware, which he followed by a visit to the gravesite of his late son Beau Biden. His first wife, Neilia, and daughter Naomi, are also buried at the church.

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