16 Hilarious Tweets About Trump's Russia Controversy That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

"I don't know her."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under fire after reports that he met with Russia's ambassador twice during the presidential campaign, even though he said under oath that he had not.

Since great tweets are our sanctuary, people began to post jokes about the news:


i couldn’t help but wonder… had the Russian ambassador been meeting with everybody except me?


Maybe the Russian ambassador is just a really forgettable guy


The only way out of this for Sessions is to say that he did talk to the Russian ambassador, but they were planning a surprise party.


Met a friend for coffee. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Russian ambassador, but it's so hard to be definitive.


Rare photo of the Russian Ambassador nobody can remember speaking to.


The Russian Ambassador must be terrible in conversations. It seems everyone always forgets what they talked about with him.


SESSIONS: ok so what's the plan RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR: when Trump wins you become Attorney General, then we take over SESSIONS: cool


Tonight's forecast: partly cloudy with a high chance of another Cabinet member lying about talking to a Russian ambassador


"Jeff Sessions failed to disclose two meetings with the Russian ambassador during his confirmation hearings for att… https://t.co/BXvIxg1axs


"I did not have international relations with that country."


I think I figured out why no one remembers the Russian ambassador.


sessions did meet with the russian ambassador but it was as in his role as a sunsinger warlock and not a gunslinger hunter


See, now I'm nervous. What if I met with this Russian ambassador too, and just forgot? Apparently, he has that effect on people!



Wow, I can't believe @CNN got exclusive footage of AG Sessions' meeting with the Russian Ambassador:


Unlike SOME people, I have NEVER had relations with a Russian ambassador. I'm available for prestigious government positions.

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