People Are Taking Out All Their Election Night Anxiety And Anger On Florida And It's Hilarious


The crucial swing state of Florida was a super close on Tuesday night, and people lost their minds.

Anxiety, sponsored by Florida. #ElectionNight

All of the pent-up anxiety people had over the election was directed at the state, and it was rough.

Florida is giving me serious anxiety #ElectionNight

No matter who you were voting for, it was hard.

Florida isn't good for my anxiety #ElectionNight

How could Florida do this to us?

Disneyland.... that's all Florida meant to me as kid, now it's just a ball of anxiety! #ElectionNight

People couldn't take it!

I can't take these updates from Florida. Just tell me who wins the damn thing! #ElectionNight  #Election2016

"Dear god Florida is gonna give me a stroke tonight," one person said.

Dear god Florida is gonna give me a stroke tonight. *crosses fingers whispers stay blue stay blue stay blue* #ImWithHer #ElectionNight #cnn

And since the internet loves to hate on the state, they had a lot of choice words for Floridians.


They went in.

Whatever happens in Florida, let's not forget that Florida is terrible and shouldn't be a state.

Seriously, guys?

So we're really doing this again Florida?

We're warning you.

Be careful, Florida. Half of Twitter is ready with that GIF of Bugs Bunny cutting you out to sea.

Others offered bribes for Florida to vote their way.

if florida comes through tonight i will never make another florida man joke again

Even "Florida Man" himself.

In short, this is where we are at. 2016!

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