This Kid Partied His Face Off At Coachella And Honestly It's Inspiring

Great parenting or best parenting?

Take a look at this little kid who was spotted partying hard at Coachella last weekend.

Multiple people got videos of the mini festival goer partying hard.

Not only was this kid holding his own, he knew all the words to the songs (?).

He really got down.

To top it off, he was also right next to Odell Beckham Jr. How kid, how?

The above video was reportedly originally posted by the child identified as Max Nilsson's brother, Alexander Nilsson. Alexander has since made his Instagram private.

People were pretty obsessed with him.

@barstoolsports @HOOLIGVN This is the best thing I've ever seen

A lot were appreciative of the kid's dad (assuming that is who the kid was on the shoulders of).

@_mvmxl @jackie_llama @barstoolsports That's also dad goals af lol

"Parenting done right."

@barstoolsports @2RINGSHAWTY Parenting done right

And a lot of people were impressed the kid got to Coachella in the first place.


Basically, he is goals all around.

@barstoolsports @Cbella2014 @cromer_jessica @leighton_alexis idk if we're this kid or if this is our future kids

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