Two Women Who Stole Flyers And Mocked Muslims At A Mosque Have Been Arrested

A Facebook Live video shows the women entering the mosque and removing pamphlets and other materials as they make derogatory comments about Muslims.

Two Arizona women were arrested on suspicion of burglary Thursday after posting a video of themselves and three children taking pamphlets and flyers from a mosque.

At one point in the video, one of the women acknowledges that she was armed and had a gun on her. She eventually enters anyway, stealing multiple pamphlets and flyers - adding that she was going to "poop all over these." Her young daughter is laughing in the background.

Throughout the video, which has since been removed, Gonzales and Dauenhauer call themselves "patriots" and say they are on a mission to "expose mosques." The two women make derogatory comments about Muslims as they take reading materials from behind the mosque's gate.

"This is the infiltration of the Arabic Muslim coming in and destroying America," one of the women says on the video.

Once back in the parking lot, after having stolen flyers and other items from the mosque, the women praise the girl and two boys for their racist comments and for participating in the burglary. Here's a clip documenting parts of the twisted field trip.

Duran said both women face charges of third-degree burglary, adding that authorities considered the incident a hate crime.

Because Arizona law does not include charges for hate crimes, Duran said, an enhanced penalty could be considered during sentencing.

The women were booked into the Tempe city jail Thursday afternoon. Duran said she expected them to appear in court Friday.