Cardi B Just Revealed She's Pregnant On "SNL" And The Internet Is Lit

The rapper revealed her baby bump during a performance on Saturday Night Live.

The day after releasing her highly anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B delivered another piece of highly anticipated news on Saturday: She's pregnant.

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The rapper confirmed her pregnancy during a Saturday Night Live performance in which she wore a long, white, form-fitting dress that revealed a baby bump.


Pregnancy rumors started swirling around Cardi B in February when TMZ reported that she was three to four months pregnant.

Before Saturday, the rapper had not publicly confirmed those rumors.

People are pretty excited, to say the least.

Cardi B revealed her pregnancy while singing "Be Careful" on SNL

@KimbaLionInZion / Twitter

Me when #CardiB announced her pregnancy on #snl

@JayC_Will / Twitter

#cardib is pregnant and this is honestly my reaction 😩

@Levelup_son / Twitter

And others are just happy that it's finally out in the open.

When I found out #CardiB was pregnant

@NixChaz / Twitter

Me acting suprised that Cardi is pregnant even though we all knew she was pregnant. #CardiB #snl

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On Sunday, she also tweeted about her little baby.

I started winning when the whole world was doubting on me !think imma lose with my little baby counting on me ?

@iamcardib / Twitter

Congrats, Cardi B!

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