Cardi B Just Revealed She's Pregnant On "SNL" And The Internet Is Lit

The rapper revealed her baby bump during a performance on Saturday Night Live.

The day after releasing her highly anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B delivered another piece of highly anticipated news on Saturday: She's pregnant.

The rapper confirmed her pregnancy during a Saturday Night Live performance in which she wore a long, white, form-fitting dress that revealed a baby bump.

People are pretty excited, to say the least.

Cardi B revealed her pregnancy while singing "Be Careful" on SNL

@KimbaLionInZion / Twitter

Me when #CardiB announced her pregnancy on #snl

@JayC_Will / Twitter

#cardib is pregnant and this is honestly my reaction 😩

@Levelup_son / Twitter

And others are just happy that it's finally out in the open.

When I found out #CardiB was pregnant

@NixChaz / Twitter

Me acting suprised that Cardi is pregnant even though we all knew she was pregnant. #CardiB #snl

@faithcastle21 / Twitter

On Sunday, she also tweeted about her little baby.

I started winning when the whole world was doubting on me !think imma lose with my little baby counting on me ?

@iamcardib / Twitter

Congrats, Cardi B!

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