13 Times Jon Ossoff Was Such A Millennial On Twitter

The Georgia senator-elect is a “n00b 4 lyfe.”

Jon Ossoff, a newly elected senator from Georgia, is 33 years old. He's also incredibly active on Twitter — and such a millennial about it.

Here are 13 of our favorite tweets of his.

1. That time he was amazed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has five sons.


2. That time he did not give a fuck that Rep. Tom Price was a “big” Taylor Swift fan.

WGAF? RT @BuzzFeedPol: Rep. Tom Price Is A "Big" Taylor Swift Fan http://t.co/t0J7cwnR


3. That time he thought the new MacBook Air was awesome.

TO: Apple Inc. RE: New MacBook Air MSG: Awesome


4. That time he lost his mind over Google's face computer vibrating the bones in your head.

Google Glass will speak to you by vibrating the bones in your head - "bone conduction audio" http://t.co/9RTRg6QG


5. That time he was still a Mac n00b.

@ablaze No. By task bar I meant menu bar. Still a Mac n00b.


6. That time he hoped the new Star Wars films would be the Thrawn trilogy. (Same.)

Will it be the Thrawn Trilogy? #starwars #episode7


7. That time he did a BuzzFeed headline.

We Induced These Twentysomethings to Take a Quiz. The Marketing Data We Collected Will Amaze You


8. That time he did journalism.

#longform #thinkpiece #millenials #bitcoin #beyonce #tahrir Did I just do journalism?


9. That time he admitted baseball is low-key boring.

@arawnsley Dude! I'm a lifelong baseball fan, don't get me wrong, but it's tough to argue that it's is more exciting than college basketball


10. That time he was a n00b 4 lyfe.


11. That time he stanned Imagine Dragons.

@pitchforkmedia Looking forward to your writeup of the new @imaginedragons album


12. That time he leveraged social media to collaborate and nextify his platforms.

@JayTroop I misspelled #millennial, giving me another #opportunity to #leverage #socialmedia to #collaborate and #nextify my #platforms


13. That time he noted Bitcoin was off 52% YTD.

Bitcoin is off 52% YTD http://t.co/O8bpSybQvx


Additional reporting by Ryan Mac, Max Woolf, and Brandon Hardin.

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