The Guy Who Invented The Operation Board Game Can’t Afford His Own Surgery

People have started sending him money and messages of support.

A crowdfunding project has been launched to raise money for John Spinello, the inventor of the hugely popular board game Operation, so he can receive real-life medical care.

In a video posted to YouTube on 18 October, his friends and fellow game inventors Tim Walsh and Peggy Walsh revealed things had become tough for Spinello and his family.

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The pair said they were launching the campaign to help him pay for some "much-needed medical care".

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Spinello said he needs to raise $25,000 for oral surgery and can't afford it.

The I Love Operation site has already started receiving numerous messages of support for Spinello.

And yesterday he appeared in a video to announce that donations had now reached over $15,000.

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Spinello said the messages he had received were overwhelming, and he that he was autographing games as fast as they came in.

"I couldn't be happier, I hope I get writer's cramp," he added.

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