7 Reasons Draw Something Is Already Making 6-Figures A Day

An illustrated guide to how OMGPOP's Draw Something became one of the fastest growing mobile apps of all time.

7. The drawing game has been downloaded 20 million times. That's more users than 3-year-old Foursquare has. That's almost as many users as 1.5-year-old Instagram.

6. It's the number one app in 79 countries.

5. Users have produced more than 1 billion drawings.

4. Of the 20 million downloads, 12 million are active users.

3. OMGPOP has generated more revenue from the Draw Something App in five weeks than the entire company generated last year.

2. On March 12, 2,400 Draw Something pictures were being made per second.

1. OMGPOP has spent zero dollars on marketing since the app's first week.

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