Pedro Pascal Was Joined By His Longtime BFF Sarah Paulson On “SNL,” And They Really Are The Internet’s Mommy And Daddy

“You’ve made thousands of fancams of me, and I’m not sure what they mean.”

Saturday Night Live gave viewers some amazing fan service with a wholesome, yet thirst-inspiring sketch that brought in Sarah Paulson as a surprise guest to join her longtime friend and this week's host, Pedro Pascal.

Pedro and Sarah smiling at each other

We already know Pascal is the internet’s daddy.

Last month, he said it himself while on the red carpet to promote HBO's The Last of Us.

"I am your cool, slutty daddy." -Pedro Pascal #TheLastOfUs

Twitter: @etnow

The less-than-30-second interview went viral as fans swooned over the 47-year-old's charm and self-awareness.

Fans LOVED seeing Pascal go along with the joke.

And they've been eating it up with even thirstier tweets and captivating fan edits.

Which brings us to this week's SNL. The "Fancam Assembly" sketch felt like a lighthearted intervention for Pascal's stans.

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In the sketch, Pascal plays a teacher befuddled by his students. “You’ve made thousands of fancams of me, and I’m not sure what they mean,” he says.

Pedro looking at a TikTok of himself

The rest of the cast members, playing high schoolers, attempt to explain the chokehold.

Pedro looking at a TikTok of himself

The faux fan edits really are beautiful.

Twitter: @nbcsnl

Then Paulson, the internet's mommy, makes her surprise appearance as another teacher.

Pedro and Sarah standing together looking at a TikTok of themselves

"He's Daddy. I'm Mommy. And we're all a happy family," she said. "No crumbs left."

Pedro and Sarah onstage together

In real life, the two have shared a decadeslong friendship — since Pascal was 17 and Paulson was 18.

Missing this person toooo much @PedroPascal1

Twitter: @MsSarahPaulson

Paulson even interviewed Pascal for Interview magazine, which revealed they met in 1993, during Pascal's first month in New York City.

drunk sarah paulson and pedro pascal for the tl

Twitter: @lovepaulscn

So seeing it all come together in the sketch was all a LITTLE much.


Twitter: @sarahpaulsbean

And hit close to home.

Pedro Pascal tiktok editors when they got called out on snl

Twitter: @michaeIispunk

everyone who makes tiktok edits of pedro pascal watching this sketch #SNL

Twitter: @kathleen_hanley

But don't worry, the fancams of his SNL episode are already up, and Daddy looks great.

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