Here’s How Fans Spoke Up For Britney Spears When No One Else Would

Fans have been rallying behind Britney Spears for years as she fought to get out of her conservatorship. Here's a look back at the movement.

On Friday, a judge in Los Angeles terminated Britney Spears' conservatorship. For some fans, the legal battle — which exposes larger problems within America's guardianship industry — has been a rallying cry as they side with the pop star's wishes and against those of her father and former legal guardian, Jamie Spears. Here's a look back at some of the #FreeBritney rallies over the last few years.

Protesters hold signs and wear t-shirts reading "Free Britney" as one person shouts into a megaphone
A protester holds a sign that reads "dementia at 26? where is the hidden camera? y'all pranking Britney"
Protesters hold signs that read "the world is rooting for you, britney" and "conservatorship ≠ hybrid business model"
A close-up of someone's face wearing a face mask that reads "free britney"
People on a sidewalk wear face masks and carry signs and banners that read "Free Britney," "Freedom for Britney 2020," and "Where's Britney's Money?"
Ostentatious living room furniture — a velvet couch, a side table, Lady Justice statuette, standing lamp, all atop a fluffy rug — is set up outside, where someone wearing heels, a gown, and a face mask reclines and reads the book The Four Agreements
People hold signs that read "Investigate Lou M Taylor" and "Sagittarius means Freedom"
Protesters carry signs that read "Free Britney," "Justice for Britney" and "Her Freedom Is His Paycheck"
Cardboard signs read "Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans" and "Highly regarded corporate fiduciary > a semi-retired attorney who resigned suddenly"
Protesters hold signs that read "Britney is not your slave, end conservatorship abuse" and "Leave the snakes in 2001"
Protesters march, raise signs and fists, and speak into megaphones
Someone holds a cardboard sign reading "Stop gaslighting Britney Spears and her fans"
A person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and face covering holds up a #FreeBritney sign
A person wears a backpack featuring a collage of Britney Spears photos, and another person wears a Free Britney pin on a Britney Spears t-shirt
Protesters hold signs that read "Britney's conservatorship is toxic" and "Her life has been so overprotected"
Protesters hold signs that read "civil rights matter"
A protester holds up a "Free Britney" sign
Protesters show off a Britney Spears tattoo and hold a life preserver labeled "Free Britney"

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