9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

We're easing ourselves into the holiday season this year despite the overly aggressive weather in the Northeast. This holiday will look and feel different — like how many of us will catch up with family over FaceTime instead of in person. But we're also still looking forward to a break from the constant news cycle and doing those classic holiday things like tipping our mail carriers. Overall, we're excited to reflect back on this year and move into 2021.

The Guardian collected seven groundbreaking women photographers, and the Washington Post put together a collection of images from nine photographers that attempts to answer the question of what future generations will see when they look back at images of 2020. We also looked at one photographer's new book that catalogs a decade of American Christmas decorations and scenes from an eerily quiet pandemic holiday in New York.

We also loved some photo series that looked at the LGBTQ gun lobby, activists living in treetops to block logging companies, a renowned cat photographer on dogs, and a photographer in COVID-19 wards this winter.

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This Is What A Decade Of American Christmas Decorations Looks Like — BuzzFeed News

A man dressed as Santa stands above and peers over a miniature lit-up city display

Seven Groundbreaking Female Photographers – in Pictures — the Guardian

The back of a woman's head with braid turned to the camera

This Photographer Captured What It’s Like For Activists To Literally Live In Treetops To Block Logging Companies — BuzzFeed News

An overhead view of two people lying down and camping among tree branches

Silent Night: Scenes of a Pandemic Christmas — the New York Times

A lone person looking at a Christmas display at night

This Photographer Has Been Capturing Heartbreaking Images From COVID-19 Medical Front Lines — BuzzFeed News

A doctor in full protective gear holds onto a patient and hugs him

Walter Chandoha’s Dogs, a Photographic Love Letter to Man’s Best Friend — Vanity Fair

A big bulldog stands over a bulldog puppy

“Natural and Raw”: A Photographer Captures Women Baring It All Over Webcam — Another Magazine

A woman with bangs and long hair naked on her bed

American Crossroads — the Washington Post

A man yells at a police officer during a protest

Inside America’s LGBTQ+ Gun Lobby — Huck

A person in a face mask holding a gun.

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