9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, it feels as though we might be going backward in time. The president is still lying on Twitter even though we thought that we were past that. The coronavirus is surging to new heights, reaching 4 million new cases in November. Everyone is looking back on 2020, the last four years, and even earlier than that to try to glean some sort of clue of what we might expect as we move forward.

Time released its best portraits of 2020, and Magnum Photos did a delightful pictorial history of the trench coat, complete with Lauren Bacall watching Queen Elizabeth II's 1953 inauguration. And Texas Monthly featured a treasure trove of old images scavenged from junk shops and flea markets.

We also looked at 15 contemporary Indigenous photographers whose work you should know, and Gillian Laub's traveling exhibit showcases a project on race in Georgia that she's been working on for nearly 20 years. Kieran Dodds has a broad look at redheads in many different countries, and Hannah Kozak looks at the effects of long-term domestic assault through a personal lens — that of her and her mother.

"15 Contemporary Indigenous Photographers Whose Work You Should Know" — BuzzFeed News

"Time's Best Portraits of 2020" — Time

"A Project Almost 20 Years in the Making Tells the Story of What’s Happening in Georgia" — BuzzFeed News

"A Trove of Vintage Photos Reveals a Bygone Texas — and Beyond" — Texas Monthly

A black-and-white photograph of two women smoking and drinking out of bottles surrounded by fake alligators

"In Pictures: Connecting the World's Redheads" — BBC

"Photos Show the Devastating Long-Term Effects of Domestic Assault" — BuzzFeed News

"The Trench Coat: Through Magnum Images" — Magnum

"This Photographer's Images Capture the Surreal Experience of 2020 in the US" — BuzzFeed News

"Worker-Owned Businesses Promise Better Pay, but Not Everyone Can Afford to Be the Boss" — WHYY

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