Here's How Newspapers Across The US And Around The World Covered Biden's Win (And Trump's Loss)

Biden defeating Trump was front-page news from Iowa to Alaska to Japan.

The Miami Herald (Florida)

The Miami Herald / Via

The San Francisco Chronicle (California)

San Francisco Chronicle / Via

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Via

The Chicago Tribune (Illinois)

Chicago Tribune / Via

The Arizona Republic (Arizona)

The Arizona Republic / Via

Anchorage Daily News (Alaska)

Anchorage Daily News / Via

The Des Moines Register (Iowa)

Des Moines Register / Via

The Los Angeles Times (California)

The Los Angeles Times / Via

The Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Star Tribune / Via

The New York Times (New York)

The New York Times / Via

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Via

The Washington Post (Washington, DC)

The Washington Post / Via

The Seattle Times (Washington)

The Seattle Times / Via

El País (Uruguay)

El País / Via

Expressen (Sweden)

Expressen / Via

The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

The Asahi Shimbun / Via

Haaretz (Israel)

Haaretz / Via

Politiken (Denmark)

Politiken / Via

The Pioneer (India)

The Pioneer / Via

The Toronto Star (Canada)

Toronto Star / Via

The West Australian (Australia)

The West Australian / Via