People Cheered, Honked, And Stomped On Cheetos In The Streets After Biden Won The Election

There were spontaneous celebrations around the country on Saturday morning.

Spontaneous celebrations broke out around the US after Joe Biden was declared president-elect on Saturday morning, as people gathered in the streets, played music, danced, and even popped some champagne.

Many went out into the streets to cheer, and cars honked at happy crowds.

New Yorkers are just beginning to hear the news. The cheers are increasing by the minute. Here’s Fifth Avenue, just outside the Met. 🎊 Congratulations #PresidentElectBiden

They popped champagne in the street.

Granted, I did just walk by a wine shop.

They screamed and rang cowbells.

In Brooklyn, New York, a crowd cheered for a USPS truck, which honked in return.

Brooklyn and the USPS, cheering each other on.

A guy played bagpipes.

And people danced to "FDT" by YG and Nipsey Hussle.

So much cheering.

People also stomped on Cheetos.

People are ritualistically stomping on cheetos here in crown heights

In Washington, DC a big crowd gathered outside the White House.

Thr crowd outside the White House on Black Lives Matter Plaza with the church where the President staged his bible photo op

A man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tossed paper towels over the White House fence, recalling Trump's widely criticized response to Hurricane Maria.

A man wearing a Puerto Rican flag tosses paper towel over the fence toward the White House. “Never forget,” he said.

People beat drums.

Cheers erupt in DC from apartments as Press calls election for Biden @nbcwashington

There was a brass band in a pickup truck.

Crush Funk is leading the crowd downtown. Cars honking their horns as they pass. Lots of cheering and celebratory vibes in DC #Election2020

And a march.

Off to reclaim the White House. #bidenharis2020

And a Trump balloon was spotted.

People honked and yelled as they drove past Trump Tower in Chicago.

Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the #2020Election. Here outside of the Trump Tower in downtown #Chicago the energy is high. Crowds are cheering. Cars are honking. People are dancing. One couple popped a bottle of champagne.

In Minneapolis, there were dancers in front of the police's Third Precinct building, which was burned in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd.

Celebration of Biden’s victory in front of the burned out Third Precinct in Minneapolis

People ran into the streets and sang in Atlanta.

Right now in midtown Atlanta #BidenHarris2020 @cbs46

Seen and heard during our walk this morning with my family in #Atlanta. Celebrations inside a supermarket when we stopped for drinks. Cheering from bicyclists & joggers on #beltline Dancing and singing at this intersection on our drive home.

And honked and yelled "Joe Biden!" in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Folks seem happy in Albuquerque along Central.

They waved flags in Austin.

Scenes from downtown Austin, reaction from both sides to election being called for Biden

And yelled in San Francisco.

San Francisco, two minutes after CNN called the election for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris - what an amazing moment to experience collectively.

People climbed trees in Oakland, California.

Twerkers, tree climbers and people turning up in #Oakland @Oaklandside

And there was a tiny dancing mailbox.

A mini #Oakland USPS mailbox dances in front of the American flag while community members surround him in adoration and jubilation.

They gathered in front of Joe Biden's childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A very happy scene in front of Joe Biden’s childhood home in Scranton

There was a giant eagle in Philadelphia.

A giant Eagle is now making its way down the streets of Philadelphia

And a dance party with a trolley.

hello from the most joyous trolley passing on baltimore ave in west philly

People lined the streets in Los Angeles.

RT @isellassfordior: ALL OF LOS ANGELES IS SCREAMING!!!!!! NO MORE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some car horns and men yelling “yes!” outside in West Hollywood following news about Biden

And danced in Providence, Rhode Island.

Celebrations at the Rhode Island State House #Elections2020

Some already started celebrating on Friday, after Decision Desk HQ, an election analysis firm, called Pennsylvania, and therefore the election, for Biden.

People had gathered in Washington Square Park in New York at night and danced in the fountain.

Washington Square Park not waiting for the AP call

In Philadelphia, they twirled rainbow flags.

lots of rainbow flags out this morning in Philly

And danced in the streets.

West Philly reacts to Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania by dancing in the street, of course

Some people made clear that they were celebrating Trump losing, rather than Biden winning.

Just to be clear, I am not celebrating Biden winning. I am celebrating Trump losing.

i ain't celebrating biden going in i'm celebrating trump going OUT

In Philadelphia, people chanted, "No more years!"

People in Philly are chanting “no more years” and singing the goodbye song as they descend on Independence Hall to celebrate

Whatever the reasoning, though, many agreed: Trump got the whole 2020 experience in the end.

We gave Trump the entire 2020 experience. He got COVID & now is unemployed!

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