A Baby Elephant Fell Off A Thai Waterfall And Five Others Drowned Trying To Save It

Two other elephants were rescued from the waterfall.

Six elephants fell to their deaths after trying to save each other from a waterfall in Thailand, authorities said.

The incident occurred at Khao Yai National Park in southern Thailand after a baby elephant slipped over a cliff and into the waterfall, the BBC reported. Officials were first called to the scene early Saturday morning to respond to reports of elephants blocking the road to the waterfall, Thailand's Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation said in a Facebook post.

Hours later, a 3-year-old elephant was found dead near the base of the Haew Narok waterfall, and five others were found dead nearby.

Two other elephants found standing on a nearby cliff were rescued Saturday afternoon, Thai officials said on Facebook.

Both are being cared for by a veterinarian.

The Haew Narok waterfall, known locally as Hell's Fall, was also where eight elephants died after a fall in 1992, according to the BBC.

Following the incident on Saturday, the waterfall has been closed to the public, Thai officials said.

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