Thousands March Across The US To Protest President-Elect Trump

Massive crowds gathered Saturday in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and elsewhere to denounce Trump's victory.

Protests against President-elect Donald Trump continued in major cities on Saturday, with thousands taking to the streets to denounce the Republican just days after his election.

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Massive crowds gathered in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City on Saturday afternoon to express their opposition to President-elect Trump, undeterred by arrests in LA in the early hours of the day and what police said was a gang-related shooting at a protest in Portland on Friday night. On Saturday night, 71 protesters were arrested in Portland, local Fox News reported. This was the largest number of arrests in Portland following Trump's election.

Smaller crowds also gathered in Dayton, Ohio, and Providence, Rhode Island, with more protests scheduled in Indianapolis and Salt Lake City. A silent demonstration is also planned for outside the White House in Washington DC on Saturday night.

In New York City, the protest began at Union Square, with demonstrators marching up Fifth Avenue towards Trump Tower.

Julia Reinstein / BuzzFeed News

Some protestors brought signs.

Julia Reinstein / BuzzFeed News
Julia Reinstein / BuzzFeed News

Others dressed up.

Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed News

Outside Trump Tower, the crowd sang the national anthem, with many following the example of the pro-athletes who have kneeled during the "Star Spangled Banner" as a form of protest.

The protesters just took a knee and sang the national anthem outside Trump Tower.

"I don’t feel that Trump represents my values as an American, and I’m very unhappy that he got elected, especially considering he lost the popular vote," protester Marissa Crowe told BuzzFeed News.

"I think the president should really represent what the American people want," Crowe said.

Other protesters told BuzzFeed News they fear the policies Trump's administration may enact.

"As a trans queer person, I don’t feel safe with someone like Donald Trump or Mike Pence as president," Fritz Roads said. "So, I feel like I had to come here and make my voice heard."

A mother just told me she's here because of her two young sons, who are with her today.

In Los Angeles, crowds gathered the historic MacArthur Park and marched toward the city's downtown area.

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The throng grew to about 8,000-strong by midday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Late Friday night, the LAPD had arrested 195 protestors after demonstrators began "vandalizing property, blocking main roads, assaulting officers," according to a release.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said he was "proud" of LA residents "exercising their democratic rights."

In an interview with CNN on Saturday, Mayor Garcetti said the "overwhelming majority" of protestors were students or citizens going out to protest for the first time.

"This is really the voice of a new generation of Americans, saying that we want to do something about climate change, we want to unite this country, we stand for love and not division," Garcetti said.

"What we will do is stand up against hatred and division and things that single out people because of the language their parents spoke or where they come from, or what their religion is," the mayor said.

This video is the real thing, folks. Anti-Trump protest march today in downtown LA. Please circulate!

TRUMP protest is literally in my front yard right now #DTLA

Protesters in downtown LA at the Federal Building. A large crowd remains.

At least two large groups of demonstrators also marched by Trump's Chicago building, holding signs that said "Love trumps hate" and "Not my president."

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"[It went] fantastically," said Chicago Police Lt. Godfrey Cronin told the Chicago Tribune. "A bunch of young people got together, they didn't know each other, they controlled the crowd wonderfully and everybody peacefully protested, got their message out."

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“We’re just trying to exercise our First Amendment rights. We’re protesting Donald Trump," protest organizer Richard Domenico Ehlert told the Tribune. "We do not accept Trump’s hatred, his bigotry, his sexism and his homophobia. With the popular vote we elected Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump."

About 400 people also gathered at the State House in Providence on Saturday afternoon, according to the Providence Journal.

Socialist Alternative RI organizer calls keep Bernie Sanders momentum going at RI State House rally

Rally at the steps of the state house in Rhode Island against trump.

Demonstrators also gathered in Dayton, Ohio...

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Protests in Portland turned into riots, resulting in millions of dollars of property and more than 70 arrests.

LATEST: cops moving in and threatening arrest for contempt of cop (interfering) and other things. #PortlandProtest…