This Is How Syrian Refugees Are Reacting To The Brexit Results

But fans of the Syrian regime couldn't be happier.

The United Kingdom's unexpected decision to leave the European Union has left Syrian refugees horrified and supporters of the Syrian government absolutely delighted.

Many of the refugees that spoke with BuzzFeed News in the aftermath of the vote blamed the results largely on the reaction to the number of people entering Europe over the last two years.

"The refugee crisis that happened as a result is the biggest single reason why the British people voted to leave the EU," Waleed al-Hariri, 37, a Syrian refugee based in Jordan, told BuzzFeed News.

"It looks clear to me that the refugee crisis in Syria has had a considerable role in the latest changes which took place in the EU," said Jamal Mamo, 42, from his new home in Istanbul.

"It is for me and many other Syrian refugees as simple as the following: 'As long as Assad is in power, no one will be willing to return to Syria. This simply means that the refugees’ crisis will continue,'" Mamo said.

On that, Cameron agrees: he's insisted that Assad must step down if there was to be any hope of peace in Syria or defeating ISIS. And now the schadenfreude from regime supporters is thick.

"While we are happy for the exit of Britain from the EU, we're not gloating but we're presenting political and economical facts that will reflect on every country that supports the [rebels]," Syrian parlimentarian Fares Shehabi posted on Facebook.

Facebook: Bey3.Shira2.Aleppo

"The active remaining countries in the EU will concentrate their efforts to keep the union from deterioration," he continued. "The support to the traitors of the coalition won't be a priority. At the same time, they'll decrease their military support to the [rebels.]

What is more important is that the people of these states started to have fear from the Erdogan's Turkey as the British people felt afraid. So these countries will alienate Turkey to satisfy their people and will be a threat to the strength of NATO on the long term.

Don't forget that the EU that put sanctions on our country will lose 13 billion pounds, which is the money put by the UK each year into the union. We're really happy and we look forward to other divisions to those who conspire against us.

The one who doesn't see Syria as the centre of the universe, after this international war against it, has a real problem. Yes we are the centre of the universe in science, history, geography and the battle fields. Our regards to the European conferences of 'friends of Syria.'"

Ahmad Shelash, another Syrian parliamentarian, agreed with Shehabi. "We'll not only disintegrate Europe, we'll disintegrate the US too," Shelash wrote.

Facebook: Syria.Ahmad.Shlash

"They leave and disintegrate and Syria will stay. Morning of victory and glory for you my friends!"

"Assad has to go, so Cameron went!" Shelash gloated. "Obama said it too and he'll go too."

Facebook: Syria.Ahmad.Shlash

"The universe will go and Assad will stay. Understand stupid!"

"I can see the image of the Queen Elizabeth asking forgiveness to be accepted back to the Damascene house of obedience," Shelash posted.

Facebook: Syria.Ahmad.Shlash

"We're great and we can forgive."

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