The Shocking “Sharp Objects” Finale Has A Lot Of People Shook On Twitter

And that was before the surprise mid-credits scene. (Warning: Spoilers!)

HBO’s Sharp Objects, adapted from the Gillian Flynn book, concluded Sunday night in a way that had even the book’s readers shook. Spoilers ahead!

The finale stems from the penultimate episode in which the protagonist, reporter Camille (Amy Adams), figures out that her first sister died because her mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson) has Munchausen syndrome by proxy and allows herself to be poisoned as a stall tactic until authorities arrive.

The cops and Camille’s editor eventually show up to the spooky Missouri mansion to save her and arrest Adora for poisoning her daughters, as well as on suspicion of murdering two young Wind Gap girls at the beginning of the series.

The show seems to end with Camille moving back to St. Louis and adopting her half-sister Amma (Eliza Scanlen). But when Amma’s new friend mysteriously goes missing, Camille goes into Amma’s room and finds a tooth in the dollhouse replica of their Wind Gap mansion.

She then discovers that the dollhouse floor is made of human teeth, pointing to Amma as being the one who actually killed the girls, given that their teeth were missing when their bodies were found.

The last scene then delivers the moment that had everyone lose their shit, when the camera cuts to Amma walking in on Camille and saying, ”Don’t tell mama.”

If that wasn’t enough, in the middle of the credits the show has a montage of Amma performing all the murders, including the girl she just killed in St. Louis.

Needless to say, all those twists and turns made the Sharp Objects finale a hot topic on social media, whether it was everyone sharing their shock about the ending...

So let’s talk about the last 60 seconds of HBO’s #SharpObjects!

Via Twitter: @BDub1966

#SharpObjects When amma’s new friend went missing....

Via Twitter: @chlo1296

me at the end of the #SharpObjects finale

Me during the credits of #SharpObjects

Via Twitter: @TiredinBrooklyn

...or reminding people how creepy dollhouses are.

Me, to my daughter’s dollhouse: #SharpObjects

Via Twitter: @XtinaLane

#SharpObjects is a great reminder to run in the opposite direction whenever you meet someone that’s really into dollhouse restoration.

Via Twitter: @mallorycanteven

Decided to scroll through Facebook after the Sharp Objects finale. Got an add for this & am now terrified. #sharpobjects

Via Twitter: @sunshinewiggle

HEREDITARY: I will show you the scariest and most disturbing dollhouse you've ever seen! #SharpObjects: Hold my beer.

Via Twitter: @MovieManifesto

People also started an Emmy campaign for Eliza Scanlen, who plays Amma.

Eliza Scanlen was amazing in #SharpObjects. Her performance was hypnotic, it was impossible to look away. She had no problem acting opposite Amy Adams & Patricia Clarkson. Amma is going to haunt me for awhile. Her career is about to blow up and she deserves it.

Via Twitter: @AustinLatest

honestly the biggest twist of #SharpObjects was finding out eliza scanlen is british in the making-of bit after the episode. she did all that acting while maintaining the southern accent??? EMMY TIME.

Via Twitter: @nrdgrn

#SharpObjects Eliza Scanlen honestly... I know Amy Adams is the adult so she is guaranteed nominations but, how often do minors really get to perform like this and do so at this level?

Via Twitter: @Wherever_I_Look

Just give them all of the awards, it’s what they deserve #SharpObjects

Via Twitter: @FULL0FWINE

As for a possible second season, showrunner Marti Noxon pushed off the idea, telling the Hollywood Reporter that “from a technical standpoint, it seems like a long shot.” The series finale would also be extremely hard to top.


Eliza Scanlen’s name was misstated in an earlier version of this article.

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