People Can’t Get Over The Side-By-Side Contrast Between Zendaya’s Iconic Mugler Robot Suit And Timothée Chalamet’s Outfit At The “Dune: Part 2” London Premiere

“Zendaya is absolutely someone you call to see what she's wearing before you get ready,” one fan tweeted.

The Dune: Part Two London premiere took place yesterday, and it’s safe to say that the celebs stepped out in style.

Celebrities in formal wear pose together at an event

From Florence Pugh to Anya Taylor-Joy, the star-studded cast of Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated sequel — which hits theaters on March 1 — looked incredible as they posed at the lavish event.

But there’s one cast member in particular who undoubtedly stole the show: Zendaya.

Person with a metallic sculpted top and a statement necklace

As you might’ve seen by now, Zendaya rocked up to the Dune: Part Two event in a silver, robot-esque suit that was pulled from a 1995 Manfred Thierry Mugler collection.

Person in a futuristic metallic bodysuit with sculpted details, posing at an event

And, unsurprisingly, she looked absolutely stunning.

Person in a futuristic metallic costume with structured shoulders and a high neckline

Well, among all the online discourse about the iconic look, one particular photo of Zendaya posing directly next to her close friend and Dune costar Timothée Chalamet attracted heaps of attention once fans highlighted just how different their outfits were.

Person with wavy hair in black top and patterned pants, standing confidently

Timothée, who portrays protagonist Paul Atreides in the film, paired an oversized black T-shirt with some silver Haider Ackermann trousers. And while he certainly looked great, many fans agreed that he looked pretty underdressed next to Zendaya.

Two individuals standing, one in a black top and metallic trousers, the other in a futuristic silver bodysuit with sculpted details

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their thoughts, many internet users quipped that Timothée didn’t get the memo ahead of the Dune event.

Two people face each other, one in a metallic bodysuit, the other in a black top and patterned pants

“Zendaya is absolutely someone you call to see what she's wearing before you get ready,” one person tweeted.

Two individuals on the red carpet. Person on the left in a metallic structured outfit. Person on the right in a black top and shimmery trousers

“When the invite says ‘smart casual’ and you interpret that pretty differently,” someone else joked.

Two people on a stage, one in a black top and metallic pants, the other in a shiny, sculpted bodysuit

Another user quipped, “Zendaya went full robot & Timothée went robot-casual,” while one more added, “zendaya giving alien superstar and then here go timothee giving spaceship tech support.”

Person in a black top, shimmering pants, and boots posing on a backdrop

“Cracks me up that she looks incredible and badass, and he wore a shirt,” one more tweet read.

Two celebrities, one in a black outfit and the other in a metallic dress with structured bodice

In Timothée’s défense, it’s hard to outdo something like this!

Kim Kardashian in a metallic, armoured-style outfit with matching boots at an event
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