Sofía Vergara Was Asked If She’d Be Down To Film A “Modern Family” Reboot, And Here’s What She Had To Say

“We didn’t see each other for almost four years until I did this thing in my house in November,” Sofía said.

Back in November, the cast of Modern Family reunited at an epic party hosted by none other than Sofía Vergara.

Fans of the sitcom, which came to an end back in April 2020, were thrilled to see all of the actors — besides Ty Burrell and Jeremy Maguire — coming together for the lavish event, which was documented all over social media.

While the Modern Family cast continued to hang out after the show ended, Sofía’s party marked their "first" formal, big-time "reunion."

Now looking back on the iconic night, Sofía, who appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, opened up about what it was like seeing (almost) everyone from the show together again.

A closeup of Sofía

Sofía began by recounting how devastating it was when the COVID-19 pandemic hit right around the same time that Modern Family came to an end, meaning that the cast were obviously unable to hang out in person.

“Can you believe that we finished Modern Family in 2020, and, you know, it was so emotional,” she said. “We have to be together a lot, we cannot just separate… And then two weeks later, the pandemic hit.”

“And so we didn’t see each other for almost four years until I did this thing in my house in November,” she said.

Host Jimmy then asked Sofía if she found the reunion to be “emotional,” to which she nodded and said, “It was weird.”

jimmy and sofia talking on the show

“It was crazy because we were together 11 years, 5 days a week... It was hard,” she explained.

the cast together to celebrate the 200th episode

However, Sofía went on to note that — unsurprisingly — the Modern Family cast stays super close by constantly texting on group chats.

“You know, we’re always on chats. The only one that is not really good, because he’s very old, is Ed O’Neill,” Sofía quipped, adding that he often responds to jokes in their group chat way too late.

Later on, Jimmy asked Sofía if a potential Modern Family reboot was on the cards. But, sadly, she insisted that not enough time has passed since the show came to an end.

“No, it’s only been four years,” she said, adding that it “doesn’t seem right” just yet. “We need a little more time,” she said.

sofia facing the audience as she talks on the show

However, Jimmy then suggested that the cast should at least get together to film a “holiday special” instead, to which Sofía seemed pretty keen.

“Yeah, we should,” she replied, before suggesting to Jimmy, “You should produce it!” He replied, “Done.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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