Sofía Vergara Broke Down One Of The Most Disturbing And “Sick” Scenes She Had To Film In “Griselda” — And Revealed The Look Of Horror On Her Face Was Completely Legit

Viewers across the globe are calling for Sofía to receive “all of the acting awards” for her “phenomenal” performance in Griselda — and now she’s getting candid about how difficult it was to film.

Warning: Griselda spoilers ahead!

Sofía Vergara is opening up about how tough it was shooting her new Netflix series, Griselda.

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If you’ve seen the miniseries, you’ll be aware that Sofía portrays the titular Griselda Blanco — a real-life notorious Colombian drug lord who ran one of the biggest cocaine cartels in history.

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Best known for her comedic work on Modern Family, Sofía wowed viewers across the globe with her portrayal of Griselda, and numerous people are calling for her to receive “all the awards” for her “phenomenal” performance.

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“Just give Sofia Vergara all of the acting awards,” one post read, while other users noted how impressed they were by Sofía’s “range.”

Now, sitting down with Netflix, Sofía opened up about one of the scenes she found most challenging to film.

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In Episode 4, Griselda takes it upon herself to kill one of her rival Papo’s top men after having her territory and business taken from her — and three of her own recruits beheaded.

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The tense scene sees Griselda, accompanied by two of her men, breaking into the house of the assassin who killed her recruits. It initially seems as though Griselda is going to behead the man, but after she struggles to do so, she winds up shooting him multiple times instead, killing him instantly.

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Breaking down this scene now, Sofía noted that it was pivotal to the series, as it was one of the key moments that saw Griselda transform into a “ruthless monster.”

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Explaining that she’d never killed anyone in a scene before, Sofía described the entire process as “nerve-racking” — and admitted that the look of horror on her face wasn’t her acting.

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“I think my face here, it was not acting. I was actually horrified about the scene that was coming that I had to film,” she shared.

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“This dead guy on the couch, in person, looked really dead. It’s pretty sick,” she went on.

Dead guy on the couch

Speaking about the way Griselda ended up killing the assassin with a gun instead of the machete, Sofía noted that she found the twist “genius” when she first read the script.

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“When I was filming this scene, I thought it was great that she didn’t go all the way and chopped him with the dagger ... Because that’s what people were expecting,” she said. “When I first read it, I thought it was genius,” she added.

Close-up of Sofía during the interview

All six episodes of Griselda are available to stream on Netflix.

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