Here’s What Simu Liu Had To Say About That Super-Awkward Viral Clip Of Ryan Gosling Seemingly Brushing Him Off At A “Barbie” Press Event

Several fans called the interaction between Ryan and Simu “humiliating” and “embarrassing” after the awkward clip went viral this week.

Back in June, Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu attended a Barbie press day in Toronto.

Ryan and Simu at a Barbie media event

Of course, Ryan plays the leading, Stereotypical Ken in Greta Gerwig’s recently released hit movie, while Simu — who also stars as a Ken — portrays his main rival.

Simu as Ken faces off as Ryan as Ken with Margot Robbie as Barbie in the middle

The two Kens clash at several points throughout the film, typically fighting over Stereotypical Barbie’s (Margot Robbie) affection — and hilariously threatening to “beach” each other off as a result.

Ryan and Simu in the Barbie movie

However, at the Barbie Canadian press day last month, it appeared as though the tension between Ryan and Simu wasn’t just an onscreen thing.

Ryan and Simu at a Barbie media event

While posing on the red carpet at the event, Ryan appeared to brush Simu off in a clip that has gained heaps of traction online this week.

A Close-up of Ryan Gosling at the premiere

In the footage, which you can watch here, Simu places his hand on Ryan’s back as they pose before the cameras. Ryan then turns to Simu and mutters something under his breath, prompting Simu to move his hand away.

Screenshot of Ryan and Simu at the Barbie media event

Simu can be heard saying, “Oh, it’s too tender? Fair,” before awkwardly placing his hands in his pockets. Both he and Ryan continue to pose for the cameras with deadpan facial expressions.

Ryan and Simu at the Barbie media event

In a now-viral tweet that originally featured a clip of the uncomfortable exchange, one Twitter user wrote, “Oh I'd literally never show my face again.”

Simu poses on the pink carpet at the Barbie media event

Several users went on to call the interaction “humiliating” and “embarrassing.”

Close-up of Simu

“this actually hurt to watch... the loud ass way he goes ‘oh, it’s too tender? yeah fair enough..... ’ and then just stands,” one person tweeted.

Screenshot of the comment

Meanwhile, some people suggested that Ryan was just messing around in character, given that his and Simu’s Kens have a rivalry in the movie.

Simu as Ken

“If you know anything about Ryan Gosling, he sells whatever character he's playing until that shit leaves the theatre. He's reminding Simu Liu to stay in character. It adds to the appeal of their storyline and press. Brilliant on his part,” one person wrote.

Screenshot of the comment

“This is how I know people aren’t paying attention in the #Barbie movie, they’re literally playing their characters, can we all apply some sense,” said another.

Screenshot of the comment

All in all, the clip took social media by storm, and before long, it was being picked up by several outlets, too.

Ryan on a talk show

But now Simu has entered the conversation himself to address all the fuss around the seemingly awkward moment.

Simu holding a microphone as he speaks on stage

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Simu suggested that Ryan was simply joking around on the red carpet as he shared a photo of the pair smiling side by side at Barbie’s London premiere.

Barbie cast members with Greta Gerwig

“I’d beach off with this Kenadian again in a heartbeat,” he jokingly began in his story, referring to their characters’ onscreen rivalry.

Screenshot of the IG story

“He is the best human in every way, especially when he jokes around with us on the carpet and on set, infecting all of us with his kenergy,” Simu wrote.

Close-up of Ryan as Ken

“Now let’s get back to the issues that matter, like supporting our striking actors and writers fighting for fair wages!” he concluded, referring to the SAG-AFTRA strike that is currently taking place.

Barbie cast members with Greta Gerwig on the pink carpet

And so, all’s well that ends well!

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