Rebel Wilson Revealed Exactly How Much She Was Paid For "Pitch Perfect 3" After Getting Just $3,500 For Her Breakthrough Role In "Bridesmaids," And The Difference Is Wild

Rebel also claimed that the Pitch Perfect producers initially deemed her — and the rest of the original cast — too "old" to appear in the third film and planned on replacing them entirely.

Rebel Wilson was 30 when she starred in the hit comedy Bridesmaids.

Rebel Wilson in a dress giving the peace sign, at a Bridesmaids event

Rebel portrayed Brynn — roommate of protagonist Annie — in the Judd Apatow-produced film, which starred the likes of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

Scene with Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect wearing a graphic T-shirt

Of course, Rebel's role in Bridesmaids opened up doors for her into bigger comedy roles, with the actor most known for going on to star as "Fat Amy" in the Pitch Perfect franchise.

Fat Amy and Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, stand side by side in their matching uniforms, looking serious

Directed by Jason Moore, the first Pitch Perfect film was released in 2012 — a year after Bridesmaids. It was a huge success, grossing $115 million worldwide on a $17 million budget, and went on to receive two sequels.

Now reflecting on her role in the musical comedy in her newly released memoir, Rebel has revealed the stark difference between what she was paid for Bridesmaids and the final Pitch Perfect movie.

Rebel Wilson in a sequined dress smiling at an event

To begin, the actor recalls moving from Australia to the US to become — in her words — "the female Jonah Hill."

Jonah Hill sits smiling in a suit on a talk show set

Speaking of Bridesmaids, Rebel describes her breakthrough role as her "first opportunity in Hollywood that changed the trajectory" of her career.

A woman sitting on a sofa, holding a remote, wearing a T-shirt with a graphic design, and expressing contentment

Rebel goes on to reveal that she was paid just $3,500 for her role in Bridesmaids. However, she writes that this "didn't matter" to her because she could join the SAG-AFTRA union and keep making movies in the US.

Rebel recalls booking six movie roles within weeks of Bridesmaids's premiere — one being Pitch Perfect. "Boy, did that movie pay dividends!" she writes.

Rebel in a blue top standing in front of a booth with banners, appearing surprised in Pitch Perfect

Rebel purportedly notes that she was paid $65,000 for her first Pitch Perfect movie role. By the time the third movie rolled around, the franchise had catapulted into global superstardom, with the actor noting that the producers initially sought to replace the original cast members — including Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Anna Camp.

Anna and Rebel posing together

Rebel claims that the producers deemed herself and the other original cast members too "old" for the third film and instead planned on having actor Hailee Steinfeld — whose character was first introduced in Pitch Perfect 2 — lead a new crew of "Barden Bella" singers.

Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld seated side by side, Rebel in a metallic dress and Hailee in a striped outfit

"None of us original Bellas were happy about this," Rebel writes before revealing that she used the vast success of the second film to negotiate a much higher salary.

Rebel Wilson in a dress with a v-neckline and sparkle detail, posing at an event

"Cue the big bucks," she writes, revealing that she was paid $10 million.

Rebel smiling in a sparkling off-shoulder dress at an event

"To receive an eight-figure offer, for a woman, is huge. Sometimes women don't like to talk about that. Whereas I don't think the guys have any issues saying they get $20 million a movie," Rebel continues.

Rebel Wilson in a glittery V-neck dress at a formal event, looking surprised

Rebel's memoir is available to buy now!

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