People Feel Really Bad For Millie Bobby Brown After She Reacted To That Viral “Wallace And Gromit” Meme Making Fun Of Her Appearance

“I don’t want that meme to carry on,” Millie said.

Late last year, Millie Bobby Brown went viral after being compared to the animated titular character from the British stop-motion franchise Wallace and Gromit.

Millie in a scalloped sequined spaghetti-strap dress on the red carpet

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m referring to, Millie, 20, sat down for an interview — aka a chat about her life and career — with British media outlet Unilad in September, and during the video, she expressed her undying love for carrots.

Millie Bobby Brown in a tie-dye shirt holding a carrot in a YouTube video thumbnail with text and graphics

Explaining that she absolutely loves eating raw carrots, Millie left some viewers shocked as she munched on one and said, “The dirtier, the better.”

Millie Bobby Brown smiling in a spotted top, holding a carrot

And sadly for Millie, several internet users wound up making fun of her in the video, with a viral meme comparing her to the animated main character of Wallace and Gromit.

Millie in a velvet dress with a lace panel on the bust and a diamond necklace at a media event

The meme went viral across social media, with a bunch of the comments under Unilad’s original TikTok also poking fun at Millie. “the smile she made after saying 'the dirtier the better' was so wallace and gromit coded,” read one of the most popular comments, with over 140,000 likes, while Aardman Animations — the production company behind Wallace and Gromit — reposted the meme too.

Millie Bobby Brown in a still from a video interview, is seated and holding a carrot with the long stem still attached. On the table in front of her is a paper bag and a mug

Fast-forward to today, Millie has addressed the meme in a new interview.

Millie wearing an ornate choker necklace and patterned dress as she poses at a media event

Sitting down with GQ this week for its classic “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” interview, Millie expressed her undying love for carrots — one of her items — once again. However, this time she outright refused to eat one of the vegetables out of fear of being turned into another meme.

Millie from the YouTube video with carrots in various containers

“I actually saw a meme of me eating a carrot and then somebody relating me to Wallace and Gromit,” she shared.

Millie standing behind a table with various items, like a plush toy, snacks, and juice, in a casual setting

“So I’m not gonna pick up any carrots, ’cause I don’t want that meme to carry on,” she admitted.

A close-up of Millie

Millie’s response to the meme quickly got internet users talking, with one popular TikTok receiving heaps of (since-limited) comments from people who agreed that they felt super bad for the actor.

Millie onstage in front of a microphone, wearing a dress with a metal neckline, holding notes

“I feel so bad for laughing at the wallace and gromit meme now,” someone wrote under the GQ interview. “i feel bad for millie cause people keep making fun of her :(,” someone else said.

Millie holding a microphone onstage, wearing an embellished long-sleeved, button-front dress

“that meme was never funny,” one person wrote. “She found out about the meme I’m so sorry Millie,” said another.

Millie, in a pleated backless gown with floral accents, at a media event

“The way she couldn’t eat her favorite vegetable bc of some idiots who related her to wallace and gromit is sad,” someone said.

“It’s literally so sad that Millie no longer dares to eat carrots in front of the [camera]. Stop with the jokes. She doesn’t deserve it,” one more person added.

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