"Love Is Blind" Star Chelsea Said She Referred To Megan Fox As "MGK's Wife" While Making That Viral Comparison Because She Was Too Cringed Out To Actually Say Her Name

"Listen, even saying her name out loud was so cringey to me."

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When the latest season of Love Is Blind hit Netflix in February, one particular moment quickly took the internet by storm.

Chelsea and Jimmy chatting on Love Is Blind with on-screen subtitles displaying their conversation

Contestant Chelsea Blackwell sparked a bunch of discourse after telling fellow participant Jimmy Presnell — whom she was dating sight unseen, as per the premise of the reality show — that she often gets told she looks like Megan Fox.

Megan Fox in a bejeweled cream gown with a corset top at an event

Except, Chelsea didn't actually use Megan's name during the conversation, and instead referred to the A-Lister as "MGK's wife."

Screenshot from "Love Is Blind"
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Chelsea noted that she doesn't really see the resemblance herself, suggesting that people perhaps draw similarities between them because of her dark hair and blue eyes.

Jimmy couldn't hide his excitement when he learned that Chelsea seemingly resembled Megan — although when the two met, things took a turn.

Screenshot from "Love Is Blind"

"She definitely lied to me [about] how she looked," he said with a laugh during a private confessional, though added that he was still “very attracted” to her.

Screenshot from "Love Is Blind"

Social media users wound up dragging Chelsea over the whole Megan Fox saga, and before long, she addressed the viral moment in a series of TikToks. Perhaps most memorably, she jokingly begged anyone who'd ever said she looked like Megan to come forward in support of her.

And now, Chelsea has addressed the viral moment once again during a new podcast appearance.

Sitting down on the After Curfew podcast this week, Chelsea was asked about the moment she mentioned “MGK's wife."

Megan Fox in a corset dress with gloves, and Machine Gun Kelly in a suit with silver chain necklaces at an event

Chelsea immediately looked mortified once the topic was brought up, though went on to explain why she avoided saying Megan's name.

Closeup of Chelsea Blackwell

"Listen, even saying her name out loud was so cringey to me," she said.

Chelsea Blockwell participating in a podcast with a microphone in front of her

"Saying her name just flat out, I was like, Oh my gosh, that's so cringey," she said before noting that in hindsight, beating around the bush was "so much worse."

Chelsea also noted that mentioning Megan is her "biggest regret."

Closeup of Chelsea Blackwell

Reacting to the podcast clip online, several internet users praised Chelsea's honesty.

Closeup of Chelsea Blackwell

"I LOVE how she takes accountability," one person wrote. "That was an honest answer," said another.

"She's so real," someone else said, while one more user added: "That makes sense."

You can listen to the full podcast episode here.

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