After A Viral Video Called Out Lisa Rinna's "Overfilled" Cheeks, She Directly Responded In The Comments

"Luckily we could dissolve it today. Whew."

Earlier this week, Lisa Rinna stepped out at the 2024 Fashion Trust US Awards in Beverly Hills.

Closeup of Lisa Rinna

However, as soon as photos and videos of the Real Housewives star surfaced online, several social media users couldn't help but comment on her facial filler, suggesting that it appeared excessive.

A closeup of Lisa Rinna who's hair is slicked back

One now-viral video from aesthetic physician assistant Nicole Annette Smith used Lisa, 60, as an example while educating her followers on preventing looking "overfilled."

Closeup of Lisa Rinna

"Cheek filler should be done in moderation. Your cheeks should never look this full. It is important for your cosmetic injector to help you maintain a youthful look while still looking natural. It is important for you to find an injector that will honestly tell you when you've reached your maximum filler potential," Nicole wrote alongside her video.

Closeup of Lisa Rinna

"Most patients over 35 need some volume replacement in the cheeks, but there is a point where anything more will distort your natural facial features," she continued before adding: "When doing cheek filler, consider adding slight volume to the preauricular area to help maintain facial balance."

Now, Lisa has addressed the conversation around her appearance.

Lisa Rinna wearing a sequined dress with plunging neckline at an event

Taking to the comments of Nicole's TikTok yesterday, Lisa said that Skinvive — which is described by the FDA as "a gel implant or dermal filler that is injected in specific areas of facial tissue to add definition or reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles" — was "not good" for her.

Lisa is wearing a tailored jacket and a pair of sunglasses walks with paparazzi in the background

"Skinvive is not for everyone and it was not good for me. Luckily we could dissolve it today. Whew," she wrote.

Screenshot of Lisa's TikTok comment

Lisa also purportedly shared an Instagram story addressing the buzz around her appearance: "[Skinvive] added volume on me. I didn't want that. Luckily, we could dissolve it, which I did today thank God."

This comes years after Lisa had permanent silicone filler removed from her top lip following public scrutiny.

Lisa in sleeveless top with chunky necklace and bracelets smiling at the camera

Lisa previously revealed that she was inspired to get the permanent filler when she was 25 after seeing Barbara Hershey's lips in Beaches.

Closeup of Lisa Rinna

According to Lisa, her lips initially looked "great." However, 10 years later, the silicone caused "hard and bumpy" scar tissue.

Lisa with short hair and sleeveless top posing for photo

"I'd get photographed, my lips would look a certain way, and then people would start to talk," she recalled in 2010.

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