Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Has Spoken Out On That Controversial Joke About Her Featured In The New “Mean Girls” Film, And He Didn’t Hold Back

Lindsay’s dad’s unfiltered comments come after her representative said she was left “very hurt and disappointed” by the crude remark featured in the new Mean Girls movie.

Spoilers for the new Mean Girls movie musical ahead.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael Lohan, is weighing in on the controversy around an apparent jab made at her in the new Mean Girls film.

A closeup of of Lindsay wearing a blazer and and jeans while sitting in a chair

For those who missed it, reports surfaced this week claiming that Lindsay — who famously played Cady Heron in the 2004 Mean Girls movie — was left “very hurt and disappointed” by a remark featured in the recently-released musical.

A closeup of Lindsay talking to a boy in a scene in the original Mean Girls

In the new Mean Girls film, which features a brief cameo from Lindsay herself, one of Cady’s (Angourie Rice) outfits is apparently referenced with the line, “Y2K fire crotch is back.”

If you didn’t know, the term “fire crotch” was used by Brandon Davis in an infamous paparazzi video from 2006, in which he called Lindsay by the insulting term.

A closeup of Brandon in a tux

The video was filmed while Brandon was on a night out with Paris Hilton — who, of course, was publicly feuding with Lindsay at the time. As well as calling Lindsay “fire crotch,” Brandon disgustingly asked, “Who would want to fuck her?”

Paris and Brandon posing together on the red carpet

Paris laughed along beside Brandon in the video. Her publicist later defended her amid heavy backlash, while Brandon ended up apologizing for his “inexcusable” comments. He said, “What started out as a joke got completely carried away, I am horrified at the words that came out of my mouth.”

Brandon and Paris pose for a photo at an event

And so, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Lindsay was apparently left “hurt and disappointed” when the controversial term was mentioned in the new Mean Girls film, according to The Messenger.

The outlet initially reported that a source overheard Lindsay say she was “surprised and taken aback” when she first heard the line in the movie at its New York premiere. The Messenger then went on to report that Lindsay’s representative said the actor was “very hurt and disappointed by the reference in the film.”

And now, Lindsay’s dad, Michael, has shared his thoughts on the crude remark, too.

Before we continue, it's important to note that Michael has been arrested numerous times and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence against his estranged wife, Kate Major. He is also currently serving four years of probation after he was charged with six counts of patient brokering.

Speaking with TMZ this week, Michael described the jab as “disgusting,” while admitting that he’s “pissed” about the entire thing.

He also purportedly noted that he will not be watching the new Mean Girls, before adding, “Nobody can replace Lindsay or the original cast in that film.” Meanwhile, on Instagram, Michael said that “maybe they should think again about recasting [iconic] roles.”

Michael’s comments come amid growing backlash towards the Mean Girls (2024) scriptwriters for including the apparent jab at Lindsay in the film.

“This line making it past a whole team of people and still being allowed is absolutely insane,” one person tweeted. “Keep in mind she’s the only one that has shown support to this movie, and even a cameo, to them making this disrespect to her... ?” someone else said, while one more user noted, “This is supposed to be a movie HONORING a character that is hers.”

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