After Travis Scott’s Controversial Lyric Sparked Speculation That Kylie Jenner Used Ozempic To Lose Weight, Her Best Friend Weighed In On The Whole Thing

Kylie has been accused of using Ozempic for weight loss, namely after her ex Travis Scott released a pointed lyric that fans speculated was about her.

This post contains discussion of body image issues.

Back in 2022, Kylie Jenner got extremely candid about her postpartum recovery journey following the birth of her second child, Aire Webster.

Kylie in a long-sleeve gown with an updo hairstyle on the red carpet

Four years prior, Kylie, now 26, welcomed her first daughter, Stormi Webster. She shares both kids with her now ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott.

As well as sharing a raw photo of her postpartum stomach with fans after Aire’s birth, Kylie got honest about struggling “mentally, physically” and “spiritually” as she documented her slow return to the gym.

Kylie Jenner poses side-on in a dress with a high ponytail at an event

“I think we can look on the internet — for other moms going through it right now — we can go on the internet, and it might look a lot easier for other people, and put the pressure on us, but it hasn't been easy for me either,” she said after sharing a clip of herself walking on a treadmill.

“It’s been hard,” she added. But I'm here, and I'm feeling better. So you got this!”

She later admitted she’d been putting “some pressure” on herself to bounce back immediately after giving birth. “We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be ‘back.’ Not even physically, just mentally, after birth,” she told her followers.

closeup of kylie in a sparkly dres

Kylie won huge praise for her remarks, with several internet users thanking her for being vulnerable and speaking out against “unrealistic standards.”

Kylie in a strapless dress and sunglasses

And ever since, Kylie has continued to document her workouts with her fans across her TikTok page.

kylie pulling down her waistband to reveal her stomach after a workout

But in recent weeks, Kylie has faced rampant speculation that she used Ozempic to lose weight — namely after her ex-boyfriend Travis penned a pointed lyric earlier this year.

Kylie and Travis Scott on the red carpet

Back in January, Travis released a song called “BACKR00MS” with Playboi Carti. In it, he raps: “She doin' Ozempic, tryna be different / Tryna be a new woman.”

Travis Scott wearing a suit and silver necklace

In case you didn’t know, Ozempic is a drug used to help lower blood sugar levels in adults with Type 2 diabetes. Although the FDA has not approved it for chronic weight management, it has become popular for weight loss amongst several celebrities.

Fans have flooded Kylie’s comments accusing her of using Ozempic since Travis’s lyric was released — and last week, her BFF Yris Palmer weighed in on the discourse.

Yris and Kylie posing for a selfie. Yris is holding a small purse and is showing of her earrings as Kylie stands behind her

After sharing a video of herself and Kylie to her TikTok page, Yris took to the comments to respond to one of the many users speculating that Kylie had used Ozempic and suggesting that she looked totally unrecognizable.

Comments on a post asking about Ozempic, with various users engaging and one questioning what Ozempic is
i didn't even recognize kylie
kylie jenner is that you

“Oxempy is working over time,” one person speculated. “Ozempic is slaying,” someone else said.

“didnt know about ozempic till Travis mentioned it,” one user wrote, while another person described the TikTok as an “ozempic ad.”

Before long, Yris replied to the first comment: “Actually my friend is back to her pre baby weight and looks amazing.”

Image displaying a screenshot of social media comments with various user interactions including likes and replies

Yris’s response left many users divided. While several fans commended her for defending her friend, others raised eyebrows.

“I like the loyalty but Kylie was on the screen for past a decade ain’t never looked like that,” one person said. “pre? girl kylie never looked like this even in her younger years but sure,” someone else wrote.

“love how you didn’t even deny the ozempic lol,” another person commented, while one more user added: “technically she didn’t say it wasn’t due to ozempic.”

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