Katy Perry Was Forced To Hold A Cushion Over Her Chest And Hide Under The “American Idol” Judges' Desks After Suffering A Seriously Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction Live On Air

“You know it's serious fashion when the power tools come out.”

Katy Perry just poked fun at her recent American Idol wardrobe malfunction.

Closeup of Katy Perry

If you missed it, Katy wore a metallic, silver top designed by Kate Barton on the show's latest episode.

Closeup of Katy Perry

Before the episode aired, she shared a bunch of photos of herself wearing the garment — which fans absolutely loved.

However, things soon got awkward for Katy when the metallic top broke live on air.

Closeup of Katy Perry getting her top fixed

Contestant Roman Collins was singing “It's A Man's Man's Man's World” by James Brown when judge Katy’s top broke, meaning that the artist was forced to enlist the help of several wardrobe assistants.

People working on Katy Perry's top

Sharing a candid video of exactly what went down, Katy revealed she was later forced to hide behind her desk and hold a cushion to her chest due to the wardrobe malfunction.

Katy Perry on "American Idol" holding a pillow

“My top broke #idol,” she captioned her Instagram post, in which she can be heard telling her wardrobe team, “I need my top to stay on!”

Katy Perry saying, "I need my top to stay on."

“If it’s not fixed, this show is gonna get more than it wanted,” she joked before later joking that contestant Roman’s performance was the reason for the break: “That song broke my top off... I guess it is a woman’s world!”

Katy Perry on "American Idol"

Reacting to the awkward moment online, one fan wrote, “You know it's serious fashion when the power tools come out.”

“It’s serious fashion when power tools come out this so iconic,” someone else echoed on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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