Heidi Klum Admitted That Her Kids Remind Her To Put A Shirt On When Their Friends Visit Because She Always Sunbathes Topless

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Heidi once got “so mad” when she found out that her now-19-year-old daughter had discovered her “sex closet” and gone through it with her friends.

If you follow Heidi Klum on Instagram, you’ll probably know that she loves sunbathing topless, with the supermodel frequently sharing videos of herself doing so.

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Back in September, Heidi told People magazine that she’s “super comfortable” being naked in her home — to the point where her kids feel the need to remind her to put some clothes on if they have friends over. Heidi is mom to 19-year-old Leni, 18-year-old Henry, 16-year-old Johan, and 13-year-old Lou.

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She said, “I’m super comfortable naked today. To the point where my kids are like, ‘Mom, I have a friend coming over.’ And I'm like, ‘Have I ever been naked in the backyard when a friend was coming over?’”

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“As soon as someone is coming, I put my top on. But if no one is there, sun's out, bums out. I just don't like tan lines because I wear so many different outfits. I don't want to have straps anywhere from tan lines. It's very strategic,” she added.

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Now, Heidi is opening up further about going topless in her house “when nobody is around.”

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Appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week, Heidi said of going shirtless, “I mean, I try to be like that with my kids. Obviously, when you know, no one is there. I’m in my garden also, you know, I’m topless. And they will come, like, ‘You know, my friend is coming over mom, put your top on.’ And I’m like, ‘When have I ever not had a top on when your friend was coming over? Of course I will.’”

Speaking of her kids, Heidi continued, “But they always make sure. ‘Mom, just a little warning of what's going to happen here.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t worry.’ I also don’t want to flash anyone just to flash someone. I just don’t love tan lines.”

During the interview, Heidi FaceTimed her daughter Leni, who recalled feeling “embarrassed” and “scared” to have friends over because of her mom’s sunbathing habits.

Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni

“I remember having my girlfriends over and I'd be so embarrassed and scared,” Leni said with a laugh. “My friends would always be kind of standoffish, but it was always so normal in our family.”

Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni

Heidi went on to note that she was raised by parents who were always “nude in the house,” and revealed that her family frequently visited naturist beaches.

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“My parents were running around nude in the house,” she said. “We would go to FKK beaches. We had a camper and we’d go to places where everyone is nude.”

Going on to discuss her kids' thoughts on her nudity, Heidi admitted that they're “not as open” as she is.

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“Strangely, you'd think, because I've kind of been like that their whole life,” she said, before adding, “Maybe later in life they will be like that.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Leni recalled a time that she found her mom’s “sex closet” — aka Heidi’s closet full of sex toys.

Heidi Klum with her daughter, Leni

While Leni said that she and her friends thought it was “the coolest thing ever,” she noted that Heidi got “so mad” at her afterwards.

“I thought it was the coolest thing ever, I was going through it with my friends,” Leni shared. “I really had no idea what it was and my mom got so mad at me after.”

Heidi and Leni

You can listen to Heidi’s full appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast here.

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