After Halle Berry Claimed That Drake Used Her Slime Photo Despite Her Saying “No” When He Asked, Fans Reexamined His Controversial Lyric About Her From 2013

"I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me..."

Over the weekend, Halle Berry called out Drake for using a photo of her getting slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards as the cover art for his new single, “Slime You Out.”

Halle Berry poses on the Oscars red carpet on a halter dress with a cutout on the abdomen and flowers along her neck and thigh

The song, which features his ex-girlfriend SZA, was released ahead of the rest of his upcoming album, For All The Dogs.

Drake performing onstage

Halle alleged that Drake didn’t get her “permission” to use the photo of her getting slimed, which was taken back in 2012. She shared a quote to her Instagram page that read, “Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy... even if you’re a woman!”

Halle went on to reply to several fans in the comments underneath the post. In response to one person who asked why she was “mad,” the Academy Award-winning actor wrote, “He asked me and I said NO that’s why. Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do! That was the f*uck you to me. Not cool. You get it?”

Halle accepting an awards onstage

“didn’t get my permission,” she replied to someone else. “That’s not cool I thought better of him !”

When another user asked why Halle didn’t “take him to court," she said, “I’m not interested in suing my people. I just wish these men out here would give women the respect we deserve.”

Several Drake fans tried to excuse the move by suggesting that he was giving Halle “free clout,” which makes zero sense given that she’s a literal Emmy and Oscar-winning actor — the first Black woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress, might I add!

Halle holding her Oscar backstage

Meanwhile, others tried arguing that the photo is technically owned by Christopher Polk for Getty Images — but, as Halle alluded to, it's the principle of Drake allegedly asking, hearing ‘No,’ and using the image anyway can be deemed unethical.

This wound up sparking a conversation around “respecting consent,” which ultimately led to many Twitter users looking back on a controversial lyric rapped by Drake in 2013 that happens to mention Halle’s name.

In Drake and Migos’ song ”Versace (Remix),” the Canadian rapper says, “I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me.”

Reexamining the decade-old lyric now, one person wrote, “His ‘I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me’ verse comes to mind bc he just said fuck her consent for REAL in real life.”

“Let’s also not forget this is the same mfr who said ‘I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me,’” another user wrote under a post about the recent controversy surrounding his use of her photo.

“he been disrespecting her.. ‘I’m tryna give halle berry a baby & no one can stop me,’” someone else added.

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