Collin Gosselin From “Jon & Kate Plus 8” Claimed That His Mom Sent Him To A Psychiatric Facility To Silence Him After He Started Telling Teachers At School That She Was “Abusive”

“I was starting to tell people what was going on at home and, you know, she caught wind of that and had to put me somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to get the secrets out.”

Collin Gosselin is continuing to speak out about the strained relationship he has with his mom, Kate Gosselin.

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For those who aren’t aware, Collin is one of eight siblings — six of whom, including himself, are sextuplets. The bunch were raised by parents Kate and Jon Gosselin, and much of their hectic life was chronicled on TLC reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8 in the early 2000s.

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The siblings ended up living with Kate after she and Jon split up in 2009. Seven years later, in 2016, it was revealed that Kate had sent Collin to Fairmount Behavioral Health Institute, which is a facility for kids with “psychiatric and behavioral problems.”

Jon ended up telling the Daily Mail that Collin — who revealed he was unhappy at the school — had “never been diagnosed with any known medical condition” other than ADHD, and in 2018, he had the teenager removed from the facility.

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Jon later claimed that Collin had been “caged” at Fairmount for three “inhumane” years, and alleged that the boy had called his mom “abusive” in a written letter — something that Kate has repeatedly denied.

Fast-forward to today, and Collin — who now lives with his dad along with one of his siblings, Hannah — is speaking out about his mom’s alleged treatment of him, which he claims was "abusive."

Sitting down with Vice TV for its new investigative miniseries Dark Side of the 2000s, Collin, 19, firstly claimed in a preview released last week that his “misbehaving” was “no different” than that of his siblings growing up, with Hannah agreeing that Collin was allegedly often separated from the rest of their family.

“He would be separated from us,” she claimed. “He would not get to come outside and play with us. He would eat dinner at different times than us.”

Collin also noted in the preview that he feels his mom unfairly took out a lot of her personal hardships on him, such as her divorce. “I mean, a divorce and plenty of different things that can't be easy to go through,” he said. “And, you know, I want to think that she needed someone to take out her anger and frustration on, and it was just kind of me.”

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Now, in this week’s premiere episode of Dark Side of the 2000s, Collin claims that his mom drove a “social barrier” between him and his siblings when he was sent away.

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Revealing that she hasn’t spoken to his siblings since 2016, Collin claimed of Kate: “She told them the story one way, and obviously, I see the story a different way.” He also alleged that Kate did not reach out to him after he was involved in a near-fatal car crash last year.

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Collin also alleged that Kate had sent him to the aforementioned psychiatric facility, Fairmount, in a bid to silence his claims that she was abusive.

“I was starting to tell my teachers that, you know, my mother was... can I use the word abusive, or are they not allowed to use that on air?” he began.

When asked by a producer if he was accusing his mother of being “abusive” toward him, Collin alleged: “Well, yeah, that’s kind of the reason why she sent me away.”

“I was starting to tell people what was going on at home and, you know, she caught wind of that and had to put me somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to get the secrets out,” he claimed.

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Speaking a little further about his time at Fairmount, Collin recalled feeling “confused” and “lost,” claiming that he had “no support system” whatsoever.

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“Being in an institution, it took a toll on me mentally,” he said. “It was a really, really dark place. All I had was myself. I didn’t have anybody else. I had no support system. It was scary. I was confused. I was lost.”

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Kate has previously denied any claims of abuse. Speaking to Good Morning America in 2016, she said she had been “investigated many times,” and that claims made about her harming her children were “always unfounded.”

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She also maintained that Collin had “special needs” that required him to be sent to the behavioral institute. Speaking to People, she said: “[There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things.”

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“This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own,” she added. "I’ve felt very alone in this. By the same token, it’s not something that has only impacted me or him — our entire family has been impacted.”

Kate hasn’t responded to Collin’s most recent claims. She also did not participate in the Vice series. BuzzFeed has contacted Kate's representatives for comment.

Dark Side of the 2000s is available to watch on Vice TV now.

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