Cole Sprouse Responded To People Brutally Dragging His Close-Up Foot Photo A Year After His Memorable Butt Picture Went Viral

A year after his butt photo went viral, Cole Sprouse is back with another eyebrow-raising Instagram photo.

Last year, Cole Sprouse landed himself at the center of public attention after posting an... interesting photo on Instagram.

Closeup of Cole Sprouse

Cole, who is 30, randomly shared a mirror selfie showing his butt, which he captioned, “Good morning to my publicity team.”

As perhaps expected, the photo — which amassed well over a million likes in less than an hour — quickly got internet users talking.

Closeup of Cole Sprouse

So, it’s safe to say that Cole is no stranger to a controversial Instagram post.

And now, the Riverdale star has shared yet another attention-grabbing photo to his page.

Closeup of Cole Sprouse

Over the weekend, Cole randomly posted a close-up picture of his foot as he posed outside in the sun. “Lately...” he captioned the photo.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cole’s post was quickly flooded with comments from Instagram users questioning his bizarre move.

Closeup of Cole Sprouse

“Not sure what I did to deserve this,” one comment read.

"Not sure what I did to deserve this"

“You know he used his toe to push the timed picture button,” someone quipped.

"Zach and toedy"

Many users suggested that Cole should’ve “at least” cut his nails for the photo, with one person questioning, “Why don't men cut their toenails?”

"at least cut the nails"

“Cole wtf i just woke up,” one user wrote, while someone else added, “It's not too late to delete.”

"It's not too late to delete"
"cole wtf i just woke up"

Some users, on the other hand, found Cole’s post absolutely hilarious. “That big toe is really just staring me down,” someone wrote alongside some laughing emojis, while someone else questioned, “Why are people mad? What am I missing??”

"Why are people mad? What am I missing??"

Meanwhile, other users jokingly thirsted over the photo, and urged Cole to sell pictures of his feet instead of posting them online for free.

"You could literally sell this shit why r u giving it for free bro"

In fact, Cole’s Riverdale costar Mark Consuelos, who plays Veronica’s father, also hopped into Cole’s comments to join in on the fun. “Wiki- feet going crazy right now,” he wrote, per People.

Closeup of Mark Consuelos

Lo and behold, Cole ended up entering the conversation himself to address the buzz around his foot photo — and it looks like he’s seeing the funny side to it all.

Closeup of Cole Sprouse

“It’s okay to like the foot photo,” Cole wrote. “You don’t have to lie. I see you all engaging with it.”

"I see you all engaging with it."


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