After Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolled Her Super Bowl Appearance, Blake Lively Entered The Chat

“Blake in the club while Ryan watches the kids iktr,” one fan joked.

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After Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolled her Super Bowl appearance, Blake Lively has entered the chat.

Blake in a shimmering sleeveless dress giving a speech at a podium

If you missed it, Blake attended the annual sporting event on Sunday alongside the likes of Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, and Lana Del Rey.

Blake and Taylor embracing joyfully at the Super Bowl

All eyes were on their VIP box at several points throughout the game, with Blake memorably being captured swearing repeatedly while intently watching the game.

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After footage of Blake at the Super Bowl — and then at the Zouk nightclub with Taylor and Travis Kelce — was plastered all over social media, her husband, Ryan, took to Instagram to poke fun at her whereabouts.

Blake and Taylor in evening wear, one in a leather dress, the other in a moon-patterned outfit, walking together at a night event

Ryan shared a photo of himself in front of his and Blake’s fireplace, while their TV played his upcoming film Deadpool and Wolverine’s trailer in the background. He captioned the post, “Has everyone seen the #Deadpool trailer? Also has anyone seen my wife?”

Fans found Ryan’s post hilarious. One person tweeted, “i didn’t even realize blake was out clubbing with them. this makes ryan’s post even more funny,” while another quipped, “Blake in the club while Ryan watches the kids iktr.”

The couple on red carpet, Ryan in a tuxedo and Blake in ornate gown with tiara and gloves

And now, Blake has entered the conversation herself to jokingly hit back at her husband.

Sharing a photo of herself in the exact same spot that Ryan did, Blake wrote, “Honey I’m home. My day was good. Yours?”

Reacting to the post on X (once known as Twitter), fans labeled Blake an “icon” for her response.

“blake lively the icon that you are,” one person wrote. “I'm crying cuz it looks like she had a TIME,” someone else said.

“ryan and blake lively are the cutest and funniest couple i’ve ever seen,” one fan tweeted, while another wrote, “We love an iconic couple.”

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