Beyoncé’s Mom, Tina Knowles, Shared Just How Well 11-Year-Old Blue Ivy Did Her Makeup And People Are Amazed

It comes almost three years after fans were left seriously impressed by how well then-9-year-old Blue had done Tina’s makeup.

Despite only being 11 years old, Blue Ivy Carter is continuing to prove that she’s a child of many talents.

Close-up of Blue Ivy performing

It perhaps wasn’t surprising when fans first learned that Blue — as the firstborn daughter of A-list icons Beyoncé and Jay-Z — is incredibly skilled when it comes to things like singing and dancing.

Close-up of Beyoncé in a glittery gold outfit

In fact, the little girl recently joined her mom on her esteemed Renaissance world tour — and left people shook when she absolutely bodied the “My Power” dance.

Close-up of Blue Ivy performing with dancers

But Blue’s talents aren't limited to music: Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles, recently showed off the young child’s impressive makeup skills.

Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and Tina sitting together

For context, Blue has been doing an incredible job for years when it comes to glamming Tina up. Back in 2021, when Blue was just 9, Tina joked that she’d be saving heaps of money on “makeup artist fees” as she showed off her amazing look, courtesy of Blue.

And sharing new footage this weekend, Tina revealed that Blue has set the bar even higher.

Close-up of Tina at a media event in a white lacy, sheer bodysuit

“Blue IV Carter , never ceases to amaze me she can draw , she can paint , she can do makeup , she can play the piano and the list goes on !” she wrote alongside a video of herself showing off the look. “She reminds me so much of my multi talented younger babygirl! @solangeknowles who could do well just about anything she put her mind to ! But I love her makeup it is so amazing!!!”

In the video, Tina says, “I’m here with the makeup guru, makeup extraordinaire, Miss Blue Ivy Carter,” while Blue quickly waves in the background.

Close-up of Tina from the video

“She just did my makeup. She’s been doing my makeup for years, and I really like it!” Tina says.

Close-up of Blue Ivy performing

Tina then goes on to admit that she’s a little unsure about the slight touch of glitter that Blue added to her eyelids.

Close-up of Tina from the video

“I think I might be a tad bit too old for glitter on top of my eyes,” she says. However, Blue immediately interjects and says no, reassuring her grandma that she looks incredible with the glitter.

Close-up of Tina smiling

Needless to say, fans were quick to comment on the sweet interaction between the pair, noting that Blue was absolutely right to encourage Tina to rock the glittery eyeshadow.

Close-up of Beyoncé sitting with Blue

“I love the quick No, say no to Ageism,” one person wrote. “Mama Tina that shimmer is popping. Age ain’t nothing but a number,” echoed another.

Screenshot of the comments, which also include "Blue is magical with the makeup brushes!!!!" and "Blue said, NO, ONE CAN NEVER BE TOO old for GLITTER"

“Never too old for glitter! Looking gorgeous,” someone else wrote, while others went on to praise Blue’s impressive makeup skills.

Blue at a sports arena with Jay-Z, who's hugging her

“She did amazing,” one person wrote. “Your makeup looks amazing! She did a great job!!” said another.

Screenshot of comments, including "The glitter is subtle but still impactful! Blue did good!!"

“Thee multi-talented legend Blue Ivy Carter,” someone added.

Blue and Beyoncé holding hands on the red carpet
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