Barry Keoghan Opened Up About The Reality Of Welcoming His First Son Right In The Middle Of Filming "Saltburn" After He Was Only Given A Single "Day Off"

“They gave me a day off... Day off, and straight on to night shoots and night feedings,” Barry revealed.

By now, you’ve probably seen — or at least heard of — Saltburn.

A closeup of his character in a suit and bowtie drinking outside

The recently released thriller, which was directed and written by Emerald Fennell, has remained at the forefront of discussion across social media, with leading actor Barry Keoghan receiving heaps of praise for his performance.

Barry plays protagonist Oliver Quick in the film, a seemingly awkward university student who has a supposed infatuation with his fellow classmate, Felix, played by Jacob Elordi.

A closeup of Jacob with his arm around Barry at the movie premiere

Ever since Saltburn was released on Prime Video last month, fans and critics alike have commended Barry’s “jaw-dropping” and “captivating” portrayal of Oliver.

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And Barry’s excellent performance is all the more impressive given that while Saltburn was being filmed, he welcomed his first baby!

Barry’s then-girlfriend, Alyson Sandro, gave birth to their son, who is named Brando, right in the middle of Saltburn being shot.

And now reflecting on the busy period of his life, Barry revealed during a new interview with GQ that he was only given a single day off of shooting when Brando was born.

“They gave me a day off,” he said. “Good on them! Day off, and straight on to night shoots and night feedings.”

While Barry went on to note that he’s understandably “tired,” he made it clear that this was the “best time” of his life.

“It was probably the best time of my life, to be quite fair. Havin’ a baby boy, and leadin’ a movie. It was the best time of my life, I must say,” he said.

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Elsewhere, Barry revealed during a separate video with GQ that — as you can imagine — becoming a first-time father while leading a movie had its challenges.

Citing one example, Barry explained that while the Saltburn cast stayed at the same hotel and spent “a lot” of time “hanging out,” his newfound parenthood meant that he found himself occupied.

the cast on the red carpet for the movie premiere

“They were staying elsewhere while I was staying here,” he shared.

“I’ve got my baby here, my baby boy... I was making hot milk, changing nappies, and they were at this hotel,” he recalled.

“And they were just hanging out a lot, so I kinda felt left out,” he admitted.

You can watch Barry’s GQ video here, and you can read his written interview here.

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