After He Struggled To Keep His Eyes Off Sabrina Carpenter On The Oscars Afterparty Red Carpet, Barry Keoghan Commented On That Viral Video Of Her Thirsting Over Cillian Murphy

It comes right after Barry struggled to keep his eyes off Sabrina on the red carpet of the Oscars afterparty — where they later hard-launched their romance — because he was so “distracted.”

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By now, you’re probably aware that Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan are a thing.

While the pair have yet to explicitly address their apparent relationship, Sabrina and Barry have been linked romantically since December 2023, when they were pictured out at dinner in LA.

Sabrina Carpenter in a long coat and jeans, with Barry a few steps behind her

The supposed dinner date came after Sabrina, 24, apparently split from Shawn Mendes, and Barry, 31, broke up with his girlfriend Alyson Sandro, with whom he shares a baby boy named Brando.

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Ever since, Barry and Sabrina have been spotted together on a number of occasions, with the Saltburn actor notably showing up to support her opening gigs at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

@chleng_ / Via Twitter: @chleng_

Perhaps most pointedly, Barry has worn an Eras Tour bracelet with Sabrina’s name on it — not just at the concerts, but also on the red carpet of the Oscars afterparty this weekend.

Barry Keoghan at an event wearing a patterned jacket with a red poppy pin and a watch, hands clasped in front

Elsewhere on the red carpet, Barry literally couldn’t keep his eyes off Sabrina as he attempted to pose for photos while she was nearby, with fans online gushing over the adorable moment he told paparazzi that he was “distracted.”

Later on, at the actual afterparty hosted by Vanity Fair, Barry and Sabrina hard-launched their apparent relationship as they posed for a photo inside the venue.

The couple posing playfully with hands covering their mouths

And this week, the pair got fans talking once again after people spotted a hilarious comment Barry left under a viral video of Sabrina gushing about a different Irish actor: Cillian Murphy.

Cillian rocks a tuxedo as he poses with his Oscar

During an interview with Vanity Fair ahead of the Oscars, Sabrina said, “If I see Cillian Murphy, I’m probably gonna leave the party. Probably just gonna leave with him... I’m not gonna leave with him, I’m just gonna leave at the same time as him so I can see where he lives. So I can, like, follow his car.”

Sabrina Carpenter smiling during her pre-Oscars interview with Vanity Fair

After Sabrina’s remarks picked up a lot of steam online, Barry wasted no time hopping into the comments of Vanity Fair's Instagram post to remind her of his existence, leaving these emojis under the video: “🙋🏻☘️.”

A close-up of Barry's comment which is the emoji of a man with his hand raised next to the shamrock emoji

Reacting to the interaction online, several fans found the entire thing hilarious. “he went YOU HAVE IRELAND AT HOME,” one person wrote. “he said IM IRISH,” echoed another.

Barry smiling at an event, wearing a light jacket with

Meanwhile, the adorable interaction prompted other users to joke that Barry is totally “obsessed” with Sabrina. “i need someone obsessed with me the way barry keoghan is obsessed with sabrina carpenter,” one tweet read. “hes [sic] seems like he’s obsessed with her, good for her,” said another.

Barry Keoghan in a sleeveless jacket and trousers, posing with hands clasped at a premiere

You can find more of our coverage on the Oscars afterparty, as well as the ceremony itself, right here.

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