"Modern Family" Star Ariel Winter Had The Best Response To "Clickbait" Speculation That Her Boyfriend Luke Benward Is "Controlling"

"Don't believe everything you see on [TikTok], especially rumors like that."

Modern Family actor Ariel Winter is shutting down "clickbait" rumors that her boyfriend, Luke Benward, is "controlling."

Closeup of Luke Benward and Ariel Winter

For some quick context, Ariel was first pictured looking cozy with Disney alum Luke for the first time back in December 2019, just weeks after she split from Levi Meaden.

Closeup of Luke Benward and Ariel Winter holding a puppy

Before long, it was confirmed that Ariel and Luke were dating, with the pair going on to share several cute photos and videos together over the years.

In 2020, for example, Ariel shared a sweet post honoring her time working on her second film project with Luke, who directed and produced. "I'm so proud of you and so honored to be your partner in all things," she wrote in part.

The following year, Ariel posted a gushing tribute to Luke in honor of his birthday, describing him as the "most special man."

Now, if you follow Ariel on social media, you'll know she's spent recent years sharing cooking videos across TikTok and Instagram — some of which feature brief appearances from Luke.

Closeup of Ariel Winter

Last week, Ariel posted a now-viral TikTok of herself making stuffed bell peppers. In the video, which has since amassed almost 4 million views on TikTok, Ariel called Luke over to help grate some cheese. "He's a grill daddy, he's a dog daddy, he's a cheese daddy," she quipped.

Closeup of Luke Benward and Ariel Winter cooking

Many comments under Ariel's video were from TikTok users who'd seemingly just learned that Ariel and Luke were dating.

The image shows a screenshot of social media comments expressing surprise about Luke Benward, with highlighted engagement

Luke played Will Cloud in the 2014 Disney film Cloud 9.

But before long, one user mentioned the months-long rumor that Luke is "controlling." In response to someone who said Ariel is "so lucky" to be dating Luke, the user said, "Is she tho? There's been so many rumors about him controlling her."

Closeup of Luke Benward and Ariel Winter taking a selfie

The rumor in question was seemingly sparked by a completely unverified TikTok blind item.

However, Ariel wasted no time shutting this rumor down last week.

Closeup of Luke Benward and Ariel Winter

Replying to the aforementioned comment under her TikTok video, Ariel firstly quipped, "Guys please help he's forcing me on onlyfans so he can be my manager and he doesn't let me out of the house!!!!😭😂 SOS!!!!"

Screenshot of Ariel's TikTok comment

She then followed up with, "Don't believe everything you see on tt, especially rumors like that."

Screenshot of Ariel's comments on TikTok

"He's a great man, and if he wasn't, the dogs would take his ass outside," she added.

In a separate comment, Ariel blasted the rumors as "clickbait," writing, "Most of them are just people looking to get views anyway they can."

Ariel Winter comments on a post, discussing clickbait and how it seeks to get views

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