People Are Memeing Mail-In Ballots As The Heroes Of Nov. 4

With the presidential results still up in the air, people are hoping that mail-in ballot counts will be a game changer.

It's the day after Election Day, and there are still many thousands of votes to be counted before we'll know the full results.

Many of the ballots yet to be counted are mail-in ballots, which are being tallied last in some states. With Michigan and Pennsylvania — two key states for a victory — still hanging in the balance, people are keeping a close eye on exactly what those mail-in ballots will reveal.

That means people are hyping up those mail-in ballots as a potential game changer that could decide everything. And that means memes.

Those ballots could be the hero people are hoping for.

mail-in ballots coming to save the midwest right now

The mail-in ballots coming to save everyone #Elections2020

Either way, they could make a huge change late in the game.

Democratic mail-in ballots coming in from swing states this morning like

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The mail-in ballots coming in like

US: The election is finally over. MAIL-IN BALLOTS:

These ballots are also being closely watched because Donald Trump and other Republicans have spent the last few months trying to falsely discredit mail-in voting, even though Trump himself voted by mail.

tr*mp: as far as I’m concerned, we already won it the mail-in ballots:

It's a real nail-biter now because everything just feels so slow.

county officials counting mail-in ballots today

But when we finally get there, we'll finally have a winner.

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