Lady Gaga Stans Are Telling People Not To Watch "Venom" And It Has Caused Chaos

The whole thing appears to have kicked off because Venom and Gaga's new movie, A Star Is Born, have the same release date this week.

The Spider-Man spinoff Venom, starring Tom Hardy, comes out in theaters this week.

Critics and fans have begun sharing their reviews, which have been largely mixed.

Sorry to say that #Venom is pretty much a complete failure - a tonal mess that feels 15 years old, ignoring the storytelling strides that the superhero genre has made in recent years. A few fun Venom-centric moments aside, it has nearly nothing to offer. Don't get your hopes up.

#Venom wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying it was going to be. Tom Hardy is and always will be a great actor, and I laughed a lot — but I’m not sure whether that was intentional or not. Post-credit scene is 🔥

Social embargo for #Venom is up. I talk about this a lot in my review but this is a movie that somehow slipped through a wormhole from 2004. That's my biggest take. It's a movie that spilled from the pre-MCU era through a crack in time and space.

Also out this weekend is A Star Is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

In contrast, A Star Is Born has been getting overwhelmingly good reviews.

@ladygaga #AStarIsBorn well done @empiremagazine has given you a great review

Reviews like this get me hyped. I can’t wait to see it😍😩#AStarIsBorn

The shared release date has become a bone of contention for fans of both films.

Okay, something is up. The negativity around the #Venom movie is looking very artificial.

On Tuesday, a number of people accused fans of A Star Is Born and Lady Gaga of being bots and posting negative reviews of Venom.

Sooooo there are BOTS attacking the #Venom movie. LMAO

For what it's worth, this behavior isn't exactly unusual for Gaga fans. The Little Monsters, as they're known, have been behind a number of online troll campaigns; they were part of a group that trolled Ed Sheeran off Twitter and regularly fight with other fandoms. The fandom were supportive of troll account Uma Kompton and have been accused on multiple occasions of spreading racist and sexist abuse. The singer has in the past asked her fans to change their behavior, but a lot of it is rooted in online stan culture.

Beware of fake #Venom movie reviews. There are people trying to promote Lady Gaga's #AStarIsBorn and are fabricating negative reviews. Look out for bots and only trust proper and regular reviewers.

One of the users accused of being a bot, Juan Caniggia, a 20-year-old from Argentina, told BuzzFeed News that they were just bored.

i am the biggest marvel fan but I just watched #Venom and I don't know what to say. Easily the worst movie this year. I expected so much better and now I'm just disappointed

"It was a joke between two of my mutuals," they said. "We steal each other's tweets."

They said they are a Lady Gaga fan, but this did not affect their decision to tweet about Venom — it was just trolling.

However, another user, who identified themselves only as @LGMonster95, said that there had been a coordinated effort.

@LGMonster95 shared a number of parody accounts that appear to be those of older American women who tweet about Lady Gaga.

The accounts tweeted similar statements, encouraging people to see A Star Is Born over Venom.

I saw #Venom last night and had to leave halfway through, my children wouldn't stop crying at how bad it was. Luckily a second pre screening of #AStarIsBorn was about to start, and now we are all crying, tears of amazement. Please pray for my eldest he is still in a coma.

Other stan accounts appeared to have joined in on this.

Extremely disappointed with the let down that #Venom⁠ ⁠ was 😣 One of the films I was most excited for turned out to be the worst film. Hate to say that considering I am the biggest Venom fan... Looks like i’ll be taking my family to #AStarIsBorn instead!!

It all appears to essentially be a big troll. Although, it seems like they do actually kind of prefer A Star Is Born.

Very disappointed with the way the new #AStarIsBorn⁠ ⁠movie turned out! Probably the worst Bradley Cooper movie ever, I do not recommend! Together with my husband, my 9 children, and 8 grandchildren I decided to watch #Venom and we were very surprised how amazing the movie was!

#Venom reviews aren’t good which means y’all should go watch the critically acclaimed #AStarIsBorn instead!!!

Extremely disappointed with the let down that #Venom⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ was 😣 One of the films I was most excited for turned out to be the WORST film. Hate to say that considering I am the biggest Venom fan... Looks like i’ll be taking my family to #AStarIsBorn instead. 💔

This has actually angered some Venom fans, who are now directing sincere tweets back at the trolling stans.

to be honest #AStarIsBorn looks quite boring to I'd rather watch #Venom no matter the reviews. Im pretty sure im gonna enjoy it since I enjoyed #justiceLeague no matter how terrible it was.

#Venom is the featured movie on @Fandango AND you get a free gift when you buy tickets??? Such a better deal than Lady GaGa’s #AStarIsBorn !

I wasn’t sure i’d watch #Venom on opening weekend but now i think i just might go see it twice this weekend, with a bunch of friends and family too. This is pathetic as hell.

Some people have also started posting fake anti-A Star Is Born tweets to mock the Venom fans upset at their earlier tweets.

Was at the midnight screening of #AStarIsBorn but couldn’t hear a single word because of the commotion coming from this woman , her husband, her 9 children & her 8 grandchildren as they engaged in a satanic orgy. I had to leave to watch #Venom⁠, best movie in years!

Walked into #AStarIsBorn and was disappointed. Completely filled with Neo-Nazi propaganda and Bradley Coopers character constantly muttered the phrase the “South will rise again.” Taking my 8 kids and 9 grandchildren to see #Venom instead. If you don’t believe me see here:

And other people have got upset that some fans of Venom, a Marvel film, have blamed DC fans for the trolling.

Cmon, DC Fans want #Venom to succeed. Please ask yourself, what franchise would benefit if #Venom is a failure?

#Venom is actually good. DC is just paying critics money to write negative reviews.

And now the troll tweets are leading some people to allege genuine reviews of the film to be fake and part of a conspiracy.

I was really believing most of these bad #venom reviews until I kept seeing duplicate tweets and others just ~casually~ mentioning that "their pick for oct. 5 is a star is born" , guess I'll just have to see it for myself; can't trust y'all anymore.

@NobodyInCali @cookiedusterden The same thing happened with #BatmanvSuperman yet surprisingly never seems to occur to MCU films. Interesting, huh? 🤔

It's a mess. And now the chaos has prompted some Gaga fans to ask for it to stop.

Can little muttonheads just shut the fuck up and watch #AStarIsBorn instead of bashing #Venom isn’t that simple

Any fucking ways support and watch both #AStarIsBorn and #Venom and buy/stream the #AStarIsBorn soundtrack when it's released

Just another day on stan Twitter.

Hey guys, please stop posting fake reactions to that other movie (or really don't talk about it at all). It could backfire really badly.

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